Campfire S'mores (Aka Robinson Crusoes)

READY IN: 2mins
Recipe by Debber

If you like regular S'mores, you're going to LOVE these! Start with chocolate graham crackers, smear on some creamy peanut butter, add the chocolate candy pieces, the melty marshmallow; then top with the other square of graham cracker. THE TRICK to making these perfectly is being patient while the marshmallow is roasting....don't stick it into the fire, twirl it slowly over the warmth, so that it starts to swell up. That's your signal that the inside is getting all soft and smooshy--just right for perfect s'mores. I first made these back in the early 90's when taking 10 girls on a church youth camp-out in eastern Washington State. We cooked all our meals over the open-fire (no campstove!!) including chocolate chip pancakes MADE FROM SCRATCH, pioneer hotdogs (yum, yum!) and caramel apples roasted in the coals. I guess I need to post those recipes too. After's summer-time and people are camping!!!

Top Review by Honey Bee T

OMG....not being a s'mores fan, nor a peanut butter fan for that matter, I was at LEAST skeptical about this recipe. I really made them for hubby with ingredients on hand, but they were DELICIOUS!!! I used cinnamon graham crackers, and mini chocolate chips for the chocolate. DECADENT!!!!

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  1. Break cracker in half (the short way); set one aside for the top.
  2. Spread peanut butter on one cracker, set the candy piece on that and press gently.
  3. Roast the marshmallow over the WARMTH of a campfire (do NOT burn--it will not achieve the proper squishiness required for a PROPER s'more). Watch for the 'shmallow to swell up and get puffy looking.
  4. While still on the roasting stick, lay marshmallow on top of the chocolate, use the reserved cracker to hold the 'shmallow; pull the stick out, pressing down with the cracker.
  5. Viola! If you roasted the marshmallow properly, there should be a bit oozing out around the edges.
  6. OPTIONS: Instead of chocolate grahams, you can use regular ones or cinnamon/sugar ones. OR try fudge-stripe cookies or chocolate chip or even GINGERsnaps!
  7. ALTERNATIVE COOKING METHOD: Prepare everything up to the roasting marshmallow step. Place marshmallows on a plate, pop in the microwave for about 10 seconds (REALLY!)--watch carefully as you don't want them to explode (messy, messy!). Lift carefully with a spoon and set on the chocolate piece, top with the lid -- careful--the marshmallow can be quite hot!
  8. EASY CLEAN-UP: Bringing a box of crackers, a jar of p-butter and a knife AND the roasting sticks AND the bag of marshmallows can be a hassle--and in the dark, too yet! Instead, win your Martha Stewart "Organized Camper" certificate by putting everything into a cake pan and carrying it jauntily to the fire, say something like: "OOOh, look what good thing we'll be having tonight" -- and waggle your head in a knowing way. :rofl:
  9. PROPER PRONUNCIATION: S'more is a contraction of the words Some More. Do not turn this into a German phrase by calling them "Schhhhmores." Nope. They are Ssss'mores. Thanks.

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