Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Simple and fun Muffins for the younger ones to do around the fire.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 6 oranges
  • 2 (7 ounce) packages blueberry muffin mix (or any flavor)


  1. Cut oranges in half.
  2. Scoop out the orange segments to eat alone.
  3. Reserve the hollow peel shells.
  4. Prepare the muffin mix according to the package directions.
  5. Fill the orange peel cups half full of batter.
  6. Wrap each one loosely with heavy duty aluminum foil.
  7. Place in hot coals, making sure that the batter side stays up.
  8. Cook 6-10 minutes until muffins are done.
  9. Adding a few berries to the batter adds excellent flavor.
  10. Note: Use 3 oranges per package of muffin mix.
Most Helpful

These are so nifty! I liked how moist the muffins came out, and the added hint of orange was a nice compliment to the flavor. I did mine in the oven b/c I wanted to test them out before I went camping. My mom the picky eater loved them. What a great way to conserve clean dishes! Maybe I'll try mini-muffins in lemon halves next time. Thanks!

CaterP'tater May 27, 2010

These were excellent! The DH and I went camping with some friends and everyone was a little bit skeptic about how these muffins would turn out...but they were great! I juiced the oranges so we could have some fresh orange juice with breakfast, took out the pulp, and added Blueberry muffin mix and Chocolate Chip mix to the orange cups. They cooked up just fine over the campfire and the orange peel added just a hint of orange flavor. Great idea!

PuraVida July 20, 2009

Went camping this weekend and tried this. I don't have the spoon for scooping out the flesh, so I juiced the orange halves instead. I used 4 huge oranges to make 8 large muffins. I think next time I might prepare the oranges at home, to make for a quicker snack. Some baked 10 minutes and some longer. We ate it out of the oranges and it was a neat treat. Even the picky kids liked it.

WI Cheesehead May 18, 2009