Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

An easy little treat the kids will enjoy while camping or around a small bonfire in the yard. Have fun.

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  1. Roll the biscuit out to your liking.
  2. Wrap the biscuit around a stick by spiraling it from the top of the stick working your way down.
  3. Cook over the fire until golden brown or done.
  4. Roll in butter and sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar all over it.
  5. Note: The thinner the biscuit is on the stick the quicker the inside will cook so you don't burn the outside.
  6. A little practice and it will be so simple.


Most Helpful

One day in the beginning of this summer I got the brilliant idea to try this. When it actually worked I was quite pleased with myself thinking I was the first to think of it lol Turns out people have been making these for a while now. Even though they're not my invention they're pretty dern tasty. The cheap biscuits work just fine for this. If you let them warm up a bit they're easier to wrap around your stick. I mix my sugar and cinn in a small plastic bag then throw the bisquit in and shake to coat. Keep these at the top of the flame while cooking and turn often or they'll burn on the outside and stay raw inside.

Nikoma July 16, 2008

These were so easy and made a great breakfast! We made these over the campfire recently while camping! Thanks Chuck!

Mama's Kitchen (Hope) April 09, 2007

I had tried these and they took too long to cook. The kids had gotten impatience. Once they finally did get done, they were good. I suggest precooking in the oven first and then enjoy on the stick.

CabinKat November 23, 2005

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