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This was a very intriguing flavor combination! We had a 'Spring Break' theme night with my family and I started the meal with this soup. I made it with 2 habanero peppers and everyone thought the heat was just right. I wasn't able to garnish with the seeds because the 1-1/2 lb squash I bought was apparently too immature to have seeds yet. It might be wise to buy a larger squash and only use part of it. The only question I had was when to add the sugar. I didn't see it in the directions so I just added it with the oregano and sage. Overall, the reviews were slightly mixed. My husband and I thought it was interesting but probably wouldn't repeat it. I probably would have liked it better with the added texture of the seeds. However, my mom and dad thought it was fantastic! My dad requested I make a 5 gallon pail of it for him to keep in their freezer. For being so low-fat, my mom thought it had a very rich taste.

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MN*Kelly March 13, 2006
Calypso Butternut Squash Soup