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Perfect, perfect, perfect! We did ours in a charcoal weber and it came out wonderful. We just moved the coals around to use them indirectly with the wood chips. The smoke flavor was just delicious with the garlic marinade. After we removed it off the grill, I coated it with a small pat of butter and tented it for 20mins. I sliced it super thin and served on crusty french rolls with grilled portabellos and sweet roasted garlic. It was even great the next day. This will be the only way we do tri-tip from now on. ATK has never let us down.

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GinaCucina June 22, 2010

It's very rare that I absolutely follow a recipe, but since tri tip is a new cut of meat to me I wanted to try this recipe from start to finish without any of my own ideas thrown in (however, I cooked the roast a bit longer to fit my family's preference). This is a fantastic recipe, that was a total family and guest pleaser. I will cook my tri tip like this eternally - thank you for posting!!!

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Gluten Free Mama October 15, 2010

I've tried a few BBQ tri-tip recipes and this is my favorite. Delicious, fast, and easy with simple ingredients. Our roast was perfectly medium rare and juicy. I adjusted the time as the shape of our meat was long and skinny. Thank you.

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Nado2003 January 31, 2013

I cheated by using liquid smoke to rub on my steak and the proceeded with the recipe. Ever since I saw on show on America's Test Kitchen where it was said that bottled liquid smoke is a liquid made from actual smoke, I was sold.

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mizjmassie September 18, 2011

I was craving BBQ Roast and this hit the spot.

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Triple BQ March 08, 2010

Oh soooo yummy!!!! I used a eye of round roast and followed the directions for the ingredients. I let it marinade in the fridge for about 4 hours with the oil, salt and garlic. I had to use mesquite wood chips, as what I had on hand. I then place the roast directly on the direct heat to sear it on all sides, then I placed it on a rack in a foil pan, so I could save the juices for a gravy!! Oh the smells while this is smoking is so wonderful as well as the roast and wonderful gravy!!! I served it with mashed potatoes and corn!!! Made for New Kids On the Block Tag!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe Charmie!!!! :-)

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diner524 August 03, 2009
California Barbecued Tri-Tip Roast - America's Test Kitchen