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Well, I didn't have any dried oregano (I ran out) and I had no idea what Northern bean were, so I used 2 1/5 cups of a dry bean mix which had kidney, lima, black, 3 kinds of split peas, and a bunch of others that I had no idea what they were! I added 1 tsp of chicken soup base. This is a fantastic soup! I loved it! My children liked it at first (ages 6 and 4) but once it started to cool down they found the texture too much. I am surprised they ate it anyway! The texture was a little thinner than a split ham and pea and oh, so flavourful! I added shredded cheddar cheese to the bowls at the table! What a yummy recipe! I will make this for pot lucks, and after being outside in the dead cold winter at -38C! LOL. Easy recipe to make fantastic taste! Thanks for posting it!

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Electric Chameleon February 17, 2004
Calico Ham and Bean Soup