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Love this curry. I was in a hurry today, so took two shortcuts. 1) Rather than lug out the mortar and pestle, I put the coriander and cumin seeds, peppercorns and two dried chillies (broken up slightly and retaining the seeds) into the spare coffee grinder I reserve for spices and pulsed them 12-15 times. That gave a perfect result. 2) I didn't bother 'blending' the coconut and water -- just mixed them together briskly. Suppose my finished result wasn't as creamy as it could have been, but it was delicious anyway. And a few side comments. There was no need to thicken the sauce. It cooked down so much that I had to add a few tablespoons of water. The curry with two chillies is quite mild, even with the seeds, so people who like heat can up the number of chillies. And finally, I assume you are referring to an English pint -- meaning 20 ounces to a pint (or 2 1/2 American cups) -- that's what I used. Thanks for posting a great recipe that we thoroughly enjoyed.

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Leggy Peggy March 03, 2010

I made this tonight and thought it was really easy to make. I stuck a finger in it after adding my boxed liquid stock and decided against adding salt as the stock was going to be more than enough once it reduced. I put the coconut and hot water in a jug and turned the stick blender on. Heaps sprayed out all over my kitchen, so I just gave up and tipped it in to the curry-not fine and creamy, but quite a nice texture and a lesson to get the regular blender out next time. I opened a new packet of dried chillies for this and after cooking discovered the two I used were as hot as I'd like my curry to be LOL. All in all, a really good curry that I'll probably make again though.

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JustJanS August 13, 2009

The spice mix on this was spot on (I used only 2 dried chilies) and the addition of desiccated coconut made it a curry different than we are used to but we all loved it. I also added a chopped kumara (sweet potato) which blended in wonderfully.Thanks for sharing!

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Stardustannie June 01, 2006
Calcutta Beef Curry