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Excellent Muffins Lalaloula, I really enjoy making muffins for Little Miss (DD), so when I seen this recipe I knew it would be right. Little Miss loves chocolate and I like pear. I cooked them for 20 mins in a 180oC oven. Thank you Lalaloula for posting your recipe

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Chef floWer January 11, 2011

What a great twist on muffins! I loved the chocolate chips and pears together. The muffin batter was really thick, but they turned into gorgeous muffins. I might chop my pears a little smaller next time and double the cocoa powder just to darken the muffin a little more, but really good as written!

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Wish I Could Cook August 31, 2010

These were great!!! I loved the juicy bits of pear that were in every bite it was a very nice touch indeed. Like Lalaloula said these do come out more like a cake than a muffin but I actually really like that. They are not for the faint heart as they are very rich and so chocolatey but that could also be because I used my Texas muffin tin instead so the muffins were huge. I used the mixed chocolate option going with white and milk chocolate drops and I really liked them this way. I also love how crunchy the muffin tops were I never usually get that much crunch when I make other muffin recipes. I am guessing that it was this way because of being more of a cake mixture but it was delicious. A great cake/muffin recipe loula and I will definitely be making these again. Yummy!!!!

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The Flying Chef August 22, 2010
Cakey Chocolate Pear Muffins