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I make cake balls this exact way, but i use toothpicks to dip the ball into the coating and remove the tooth pick before the coating hardens. My favorite combination is vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and peanut butter coating ( i use melted reese's peanut butter chips for those)

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xschmitty September 26, 2011

Wow oh wow! My daughter makes these so when I found this recipe I had to give it a try. I used chocolate cake mix and frosting and then just the chocolate melts sprinkled with color shots. Messy and they do fall apart some but like my daughters, oh so good!! Thank you for posting. Made for Spring PAC 2014.

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mama smurf April 11, 2014

I made these for a friend's engagement party, and they disappeared quickly. Several people mentioned that these cake pops tasted a lot better than the ones you can make with an electric cake pop maker.

Like buffyfan#1, I had a lot of trouble with the cake falling apart. I consulted a friend who's a much better baker than I am, and he mentioned that when you get ready to dip the cake balls in the candy coating, you should just take a few at a time out of the freezer; that way they don't thaw out as you're working. This may have been obvious to everyone else, but I need things spelled out :)

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piningfjord April 15, 2012

Worked like a charm! I was so worried when my 4-year-old wanted cake pops for her 5th birthday, so I started doing some research. This recipe was the best step-by-step way I could find. It is a lot of work, but at least it worked:) I tried to use melted white chocolate chips to dip them, but it didn't work too well. I had to spoon it over them and spread it around... I should have just gotten myself to a craft store to get the candy melts. Regardless, the cake pops were great, my birthday girl was happy and it really did make 36 cake pops...enough to take to school with her and some left over for the family party! Thanks for the easy to follow recipe!

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rainbow.rubatino September 08, 2011

these were pretty amazing. alittle messy but still I loved the cake pops. i recommend people who make these to use chocolate cake instead of vanilla. It gives it more of a strong taste. (or maybe i just love chocolate a lot. :) :) LOL) definitely try making these you won't regret it.

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margieshea March 29, 2014

Advice for Newbie Cake Poppers:<br/>This was my first time making cake pops and I think I made just about every mistake a first-timer could make with the melted chocolate coating. Despite that, it was great fun to do with my 6 year old and they tasted great. So here is my list of advice for anyone else venturing into this... <br/>1) Do not let any liquid (water or milk, etc) get in or around the melties, that will ruin the consistency.<br/>2) If liquid does get into the melties, add crisco in small amounts to reconstitute. <br/>3) Microwaving in 30-second intervals is advisable over double-boiling the melties to avoid the water getting near the melties. <br/>4) If you freeze the pops before dipping into melted chocolate note that the temperature difference could cause cracking of the shell as it dries. Refrigerating might be best. <br/>5) Milk chocolate cake mix (vs devils food or standard chocolate) has a nasty color and is flavorless. Avoid it. <br/>6) Guittard Vanilla Appeals work better than Milton melties. <br/>7) Having a Styrofoam board to stick the pops in afterward is a worthwhile investment. Expecting the pops to easily pop off of a plate after hardening is an unreasonable expectation. <br/>8) Sprinkling sprinkles over the pops is much better than dipping and rolling. <br/><br/>Thats all I can think of for now! <br/><br/>Thanks!

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emcquaid October 14, 2013

I made these for a "Baby Shower" I did use a popcake baking tray and also added pudding mix to help with the density, I melted white chocolate buttons in the microwave then slowly added some food colouring, spooned the coloured choc over the cakes, absolutely fantastic to look at and tasted delicious.

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niecyg October 14, 2012

This was really fun to make for a girlfriend's birthday. I subed 1/2 cup soy yogurt for eggs and oil and added water to make it the consistency of a cake batter since we are both vegans. I also took them out of the freezer a couple at a time.
Thanks for posting such easy to follow directions. PRU<3 !

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Paula2006 September 13, 2012

These are so good. We made these for a baby shower we were hosting and it was so much better then a whole cake. We made vanilla, chocolate and lemon ones. thanks so much for this wonderful version of cake.

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mommyoffour November 08, 2014

Hey xschmitty, You can buy bake pops sticks from ozseenontv.com.au. I have also made cake pops on son's birthday party and everybody is very happy. cake pops were really very tasty as i ever had.

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benjaminkeogh March 06, 2013
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