Total Time
Prep 1 hr 30 mins
Cook 30 mins

After sampling one of these little gems at Starbucks, I just had to make some of my own! They are so delicious, can be customized with numerous different flavor combinations, and can be decorated for any occasion. They're a bit of work, but so worth it.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (18 ounce) cake mix, desired flavor, prepared according to package
  • 2 -3 eggs (or whatever your package calls for)
  • 13 cup oil (or whatever your package calls for)
  • 0.5 (16 ounce) can frosting, any flavor, store bought
  • 7 ounces white chocolate candy melts (or any flavor you like)
  • candy sprinkles (optional)


  1. Bake cake according to package and let cool.
  2. Crumble entire cake in food processor, in batches if necessary, and empty into mixing bowl.
  3. Mix in 1/2 can of store bought frosting or equal amount of homemade frosting until a dough forms (tends to be easiest by hand).
  4. Scoop and form into one inch balls, easiest if using a small cookie scooper.
  5. Melt Wilton Candy Melts according to package.
  6. For each cake pop, first dip the very end of a lollipop stick into the melted candy coating and insert about half way into cake ball).
  7. Chill uncoated cake pops for at least 1 hour.
  8. Re-melt Wilton Candy Melts, and coat the cake pops one by one, dipping one side and turning to coat completely.
  9. After coated, stand the cake pop up in the styrofoam block or shirt box and decorate with sprinkles before coating is set.
  10. For a cute presentation, insert into lollipop treat bags and secure with a twistie tie or ribbon.
  11. You can also decorate with drizzled chocolate or candy melts, in whatever color you choose.
  12. Combination Ideas:.
  13. - white cake mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla coating.
  14. - chocolate cake mix with chocolate frosting, chocolate or peanut butter coating.
  15. - pumpkin cake mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla or chocolate coating.
  16. - spice cake mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla or chocolate coating.
  17. - vanilla cake mix with mint extract, vanilla frosting, chocolate coating.
  18. - blueberry muffin mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla coating.
  19. - banana bread mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla coating.
  20. - cinnamon coffee cake mix with vanilla frosting, vanilla coating with a dash of cinnamon.
  21. - cheesecake (store bought or homemade) mixed in with graham cracker crust, dipped in chocolate.


Most Helpful

I make cake balls this exact way, but i use toothpicks to dip the ball into the coating and remove the tooth pick before the coating hardens. My favorite combination is vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and peanut butter coating ( i use melted reese's peanut butter chips for those)

xschmitty September 26, 2011

Wow oh wow! My daughter makes these so when I found this recipe I had to give it a try. I used chocolate cake mix and frosting and then just the chocolate melts sprinkled with color shots. Messy and they do fall apart some but like my daughters, oh so good!! Thank you for posting. Made for Spring PAC 2014.

mama smurf April 11, 2014

I made these for a friend's engagement party, and they disappeared quickly. Several people mentioned that these cake pops tasted a lot better than the ones you can make with an electric cake pop maker.

Like buffyfan#1, I had a lot of trouble with the cake falling apart. I consulted a friend who's a much better baker than I am, and he mentioned that when you get ready to dip the cake balls in the candy coating, you should just take a few at a time out of the freezer; that way they don't thaw out as you're working. This may have been obvious to everyone else, but I need things spelled out :)

piningfjord April 15, 2012

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