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Thank goodness for a good cookie recipe that works when I am out of milk and almost out of sugar!! I omitted the cup of sugar, nuts and chips and added 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of nutmeg. I also did 1/2 cup of applesauce to replace 1/2 of the oil the recipe called for. I was going to add raisins but then realized I was out of them too!! These were easy and tasty too!

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Luvourlives October 29, 2006

Let me start by saying I have raised 5 children to adulthood with limited funds, so everything was homemade in my house - I am not, by any means, a novice cook. That said, I was in a hurry and thought I would grab an easy recipe for cookies and, unfortunately, chose this one. The batter was a greasy mess, they spread badly, and could not be removed from the pan without scraping, but when finally removed, crumbled into a still greasy mess. I am very upset that I have wasted the money on the ingredients and the time on these, and still don't have cookies to show for it. Stay away from this recipe!

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Mrs. Ed October 21, 2012

The cake mix part of this recipe drew me in and I am so glad it did. AFter mixing the ingredients together minus 1/4 c of sugar, I felt it was much too oily. I added in between 1/2-3/4 c flour and the batter felt more cookie like. These cookies came out great as per DH and B-I-L. They are sweet and crunchy. I dd add in a 1/4 bag of chocolate chips as well and the blend of oatmel and chocolate was a HUGE hit.
I will make these often, and I mean often! Thank you for a very adaptable recipe. I am making them this weekend with raisins. Made these again for the From the Pantry Challenge Feb 2012. Jelly I love the ease of these and the "health" aspect of the oatmeal. The boys are working on redoing my pantry so this was a perfect fit for Sunday dessert. Served with ice cream of course.

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Chef1MOM-Connie February 29, 2012

I used this recipe with a butter pecan cake mix and omitted the chocolate chips and added dried fruit (cherries, cranberries, and apricots), and 1 cup walnuts. I used instant oatmeal packets (2 regular, 2 blueberry, 2 peach, 1 apple cinnamon, and 1 maple brown sugar). They came out wonderful.

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Chef Slevine June 16, 2010

I used 3/4 of oil after reading others reviews, even then the batter was oily, and the cinnamon chips that I put in glistened with oil. But after they were baked at 350 for 10 minutes they turned out perfect, crispy and a touch chewy. I used Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake Mix.

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andypandy March 07, 2009

I found this recipe this morning and just finished a batch. After reading the other reviews, I made a couple of modifications as suggested. I reduced the oil and the sugar to 1/2 cup each. I also toasted my pecans in 1 TBSP. of butter on the stovetop before adding. The only cake mixes I had on hand were a white one and a marble one; I used the marble mix. I first mixed the batter without the chocolate added and made half of my cookies. Then, I added the chocolate from the cake mix for the remaining half. I also used raisins instead of chocolate chips because that is what I had on hand. I baked the cookies at 325 for the 12 minutes called for in the original recipe. They were absolutely perfect! I will definitely make them again. As you can see from all of the variations published in the reviews, this recipe is quite flexible and can be modified in many ways to suit different tastes. The next time I make it, I will omit the chocolate and try ginger and cinnamon. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Avery520 July 03, 2008

This was a good cookie and very easy to make, however, with all the cookie recipes out there, I think I'll try another. The batter and end result cookie were too greasy. I would suggest decreasing the oil amount - I decreased it by about 1/8-1/4 cup (okay the kids splilled a little!) and it was still overly oily.

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Quest4ZBest January 20, 2008

For cookies from a cake mix, yummy (although I think the serving size of 60 cookies is stretching it! :) I used vanilla, sugar free pudding along with taking the suggestion of using 1/2 apple sauce and 1/2 vegetable oil. I also used eggbeaters instead of whole eggs and only used 1/4 cup sugar. Thanks for posting!

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Renita December 22, 2007

I added butterscotch instant pudding and cut back 1/4 cup on sugar, but think I needed to cut back 1/2 cup. I think I will also put in less oil. Husband didn't think they were too sweet (he ate 4 of them before he went to work).

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linda.kidney March 17, 2007

I used raisins and chocolate chips also used half applesauce for half of the oil. My son want me to make these all the time.

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Scotty & Callie's Mom November 12, 2006
Cake Mix Oatmeal Cookies