Cake Mix Frosting

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Total Time
5 mins
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I swear to you, this tastes like the Birthday Cake Ice cream at Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor... my girls love it on angel food cake.

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  • 1 -2 cup whipping cream
  • 1 (18 ounce) package cake mix, any flavor (I prefer white)


  1. Use 1/2 the cake mix.
  2. Pour into bowl and with electric beater, mix until most lumps are gone.
  3. Pour in whipping cream.
  4. Start with 1 cup, add more as needed.
  5. This can get very thick fast, so just add more whipping cream until you reach desired spreading consistency.
  6. This is wonderful on angel food cake.
  7. Just add sprinkles-- For a great variation-- use chocolate cake mix, mix as directed, stir in mini marshmallows, slivered almonds and chocolate chips for a rocky road frosting.
  8. better yet, rocky road"mousse" as my girls lovingly refer to it.
  9. They beg me to make this to eat out of the bowl.
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We only like homemade frosting but I was curious to try this. The whole family hated it. It has a strong flour-like pasty taste. Definately do not recommend.

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I've been wanting to try this for awhile; I made it recently for a birthday cake & everybody raved :) I used an entire cake mix (yellow butter) & 2 cups of whipped cream- I also threw in a tsp. of vanilla & the kids LOVED it. I"ll be trying different variations, but this recipe is a gem. Thanks for a definite keeper

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We really enjoyed this frosting particularly the consistency but when using a a white cake mix it wasn't quite sweet enough. To sweeten things up I added 1/4 cup of icing sugar and for us it was perfection. Thanks for the recipe definitely part of the rotation. I can't wait to try different flavors!