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I've made this quite a few times with various cake mixes and add-ins, as other reviewers have done. But my favorite way is to make ice cream sandwiches! I double the recipe and pour into two 9x13 greased pans. When cool, I remove them from the pans and put plastic wrap in one of the pans (with some extending over the top on all 4 sides) and the put one back in the pan over the plastic wrap (for easy removal later). I then cut ice cream into 1/2 inch slices (ice cream from the rectangle boxes with the sides pulled down) and put the slices over the cake I placed back into the pan.. I then take the second cake and put on top of the ice cream layer. Then place plastic wrap over all of it. Freeze until the ice cream is frozen. Remove from the pan and cut into rectangles similar to ice cream bars you buy from the store. Wrap each in plastic wrap and put into freezer bag. Place back into the freezer. We love these ice cream sandwiches. I even made one as a cake for a graduation cake for my son's friend. He loved it! Try it, you'll love it! I give this recipe 5 stars, but it's worth more. ;) I forgot to say that I made these into Snicherdoodles by rolling balls of dough into sugar and cinnamon. Very good!

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Ms. Cooky April 02, 2009

Super good and really easy. I used french vanilla cake mix and chocolate and PB chips- yummy!

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Pricele$$ August 07, 2010

Have made these cookies for 30 years. My version came on a Duncan Hines cherry cake mix (which doesn't even exist anymore). I've made it orange/choc, choc/peanut butter and cherry/choc chip. It's just a great recipe.

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D2thaK May 05, 2010

So good for such an easy recipe! I used a white cake mix as that is all I had. I put chocolate chips and coconut in them. My husband loved em. The only thing about this recipe that I can see wrong is it doesn't make many cookies when using just one cake mix.

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JenHardy March 05, 2010

With the qty given, I was able to make 28 cookies. I made it with red velvet cake mix and added chocolate chips and eliminated the nuts (see pic). I made them for my son's class for his birthday and all the kids loved them. They're so quick and easy to make. I will definetley try other flavors.

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Hot Mocha April 09, 2013

YUMMY!! I had bought some Caramel Cake mix (yeah I didnt know they made that either so I snatched it quick) and have been waiting on a recipie to use it. I made these cookies with it and added Milk Chocolate Chips and nuts and it was like eating a SNICKERS CANDY BAR in the form of a cookie!!! Sinfully good! A tad bit sweet though so to those of you who are sensitive caramel may not be for you.

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Vaniti January 28, 2012

These cookies are so addictive. Great taste of chocolate. I used peanut butter and white chocolate chips. I think 2 cups was too much. I would prefer with less. Thanks Linda :) Made for I Recommend tag game

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Boomette April 16, 2011

AWESOME! i made chocolate with chocolate chips and coconut, and another batch with nuts and chocolate chips. Freezes well, so make a double batch! Also, i substituted half of the oil with applesauce and they still came out moist and delicious. Easiest and most delicious and versatile recipe ever! thank you so much so sharing!

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TooManyRoommates April 25, 2010

Really good!I needed a quick recipe for an afterschool snack for my 6 kids, and they were oohing and ahhing how good the house smelled when they walked in the door! These couldn't have been any easier, and yummy to boot!Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the recipe. (It did take about 12 min. in my oven for the cookies to be done, and still chewy) Paulette

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imatrad October 07, 2003

Delicious! I baked the 8 minutes and they didn't look done but they were perfect once cooled. Moist and chewy!

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WendiMommyOf3 October 07, 2013
Cake Mix Cookies