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THANK YOU BOTH, LORAC & LINDA!!! I never would have tried a cake-mix cookie on my own, but after reading Lorac's thread about the killer chocolate-orange combo, I had to give it a shot. These were wonderful! I used orange cake mix, and (as I was out of chips) 2 cut-up Ritt milk chocolate bars. Heavenly tasting, wonderfully textured, and not a single person I served them to suspected they came from a box. A real winner, especially considering how easily and quickly they came together! Thank you very much! UPDATE: I've made these yet again. Half a batch the chocolate-orange, and the other half a devil's food with white chocolate chunks & almond bits. Mmm. I even made a few of the cookies yin-yang style and they looked superb and were really just the best of both worlds. Thanks again, you've made some quite happy people here! (posted 5/20/2002)UPDATE AGAIN!! Made a fresh batch with spice cake mix and cinnamon chips. What a great and different cookie! I think these would do smashingly as a holiday 'gift' cookie with a little bit of cream cheese icing on top.

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s'kat July 29, 2002

I made 2 versions of these cookies. The first was devil's food cake mix with peanut butter chips. Everyone loved them! I also made chocolate fudge with white chocolate chips. The only problem I could see was everyone trying to decide which one to take! These are so easy and very delicious! I took them out of the oven at 8 minutes, to keep them soft. I will try more combinations. A keeper!

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MizzNezz March 26, 2002

Great cookies - you'd never know they were from a cake mix!! These were very easy to make and tasty too! I used I cup of chocolate chips, I cup butterscotch and 1/2 cup walnuts. Next time I will use only peanut butter chips - a bit too much chocolate this time! Great recipe and I highly recommend it!!

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Graybert March 04, 2002

Awesome Cookies!!! I loved these cookies and so did my family! I used a chocolate cake mix and a bag of chocolate and peanut butter chips mixed. And best of all... no one expected that they came from a cake mix! I want to try the orange cake mix and chocolate chips next time... or maybe strawberry cake mix with white chocolate chips... so many combinations... it's really hard to decide! I will definitely make these again!

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Kim D. May 28, 2002

I made these twice. The first time at home and they didn't stay long. We loved the orange cake with chocolate chips. But the devils food cake with walnuts and white chocolate chips were a great hit too. Since I had such good response from them at home I made the same two types and took to the new firehouse open house in our hometown. I brought home and empty container. Thanks for the recipe. So good and so very easy to make. (and I dont like to make cookies).

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Shirley King July 29, 2002

Really good and so easy! I used M&M mini baking bits in mine. Good recipe, thanks.

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dale! June 30, 2002

NOt bad...NOt bad. I made most of them without putting anything, such as chips and nuts, in them. On a few though, I did put mint chips in them and LORDIE they were as good as sin. I also tried using some cappuccino chips in them, but those were just a little bad :( You HAVE to try using mint flavoured chips in these babies!!!

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THe beeyach of baking June 29, 2002

I used a devil's food cake mix and butterscotch chips. Everyone loved them! I will definitely make again.

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SiSi May 15, 2002

I was skeptical about this one -- cookies from a cake mix? I'm very pleased to report these cookies are fantastic! They're easy to make (I used chocolate fudge cake mix, 1-1/3 cups chocolate chips and 2/3 cup peanut butter chips; cooked 'em for 10 minutes) and quite delicious. This recipe is a real keeper.

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Lennie December 21, 2001

I used Pillsbury sugar free yellow cake mix and Hershey's sugar free chocolate chips to make sugar free cookies for myself and sister in law. She is diabetic and I am borderline diabetic so we are both watching our sugar intake. These cookies were great. Will definitely make them again. Even the kids liked them!! Thanks for an easy and delicious recipe!!1

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littlemama305 September 10, 2011
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