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Made as written, these rolls were way too big & doughy for us. The middle rolls didn't get done enough. My husband liked the taste better than the cinnamon rolls made with crescent roll dough because they weren't quite as sweet. I'll make these again and make twice the number of rolls out of the same dough. Using 2 9"x13" pans to bake them in, I think they'll all be done enough. Thanks for the recipe. I'm updating my review & changing to 4 stars. I tried this again, using 5 cups of flour, dividing the dough in half, and making 32 rolls. I baked them in 4 9" round pans for 17 minutes, and they were "just right" for my husband. I used a "Cinnamon Swirl" cake mix with the cinnamon sugar packet included. Instead of dipping in melted butter & sugar, I iced them, after baking, with cream cheese frosting. I kneaded the dough in my Kitchenaid mixer last night, refrigerated it overnight, and rolled them out this morning. Very good & easy!

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CaramelPie April 12, 2007

Before trying this recipe, I tried a recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. I had never even attempted to make cinnamon rolls before and those cinnamon rolls turned out tough and not what I expected. I was so disappointed that I didn't want to keep trying BUT I'm so glad I did because than I found this recipe and it was exactly what I was looking for. Soft and moist cinnamon rolls. Fantastic! I was very comfortable with the addition of the cake mix. I did need to add a bit more flour than called for to get the dough to come together but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. Yum! Thanks so much!

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MaMa's Apprentice February 24, 2009

These rolls are to die for! I won't be using any other recipe to make my cinnamon rolls. They were moist and just darn good! Thanks for the recipe!

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Ellen Langworthy December 27, 2007

I like it, didn't enjoy making them though--which was a big dissappointment because for me, that is the best part next to giving them away and getting compliments.I had to add so much extra flour to handle the sticky factor that I was afraid I was adding too much. Maybe I just need to make rolls in a small batch size. Might try it again with the recipe halved. Definately a recipe worth having to pull out of your hat.

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Chef JoAnn-TheSupermom December 18, 2007

I made these and I found as well that they were very hard to manage. I had to keep adding flour on the surfact to even begin to knead the dough. The flavor was good but I felt they needed a bit more......maybe even a little glaze on top. I will make them again and change a few things.

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BakingGuru June 08, 2007

I made these tonight for after dinner. I didn't have a white cake mix, so I used a Golden Vanilla. They smelled great and tasted great. I am giving it 3 stars because I had to add about 3/4 cup or more of flour to make it even a bit manageable. When I baked them, the center rolls didn't rise in the center, they caved in, but were cooked. Not sure why (I am not reflecting that in the stars). I will try these again with another cake mix, either yellow or white. Maybe even butter pecan.

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knobbyknee June 05, 2007

These were a lot of fun to make, though it's a good thing I had a lot of time because they ended up taking 4 hours. I used a bread machine so that the dough would rise, as it wasn't really the ideal trmperature. I split the dough in half and froze half for later. I was able to make about 14 fist-size rolls with just half the dough, so your rolls must have been huge. I also had to add quite a bit of extra flour, about 1/2 cup each batch. The cake made it taste different.. not bad, but different. I'm not a really huge fan of cinnamon rolls except like this, when I make them, so maybe that's why I thought the flavor was just okay.

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Holly Blackwell December 25, 2005

I decided tonight that we needed this receipe for Christmas morning and it proved a brilliant idea. (see my picture). I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix which was 16 oz instead of the 14-1/2 oz because it's what I had. I added 1/2 cup flour. I added a little more cinnamon to suite our taste. I didn't do the butter suar thing on the top. Instead I used the Basic Vanilla Frosting #140486 by Delish. I Sprinkled on some nuts and raisins before applying the frosting. They were too delicious to describe!

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George Clement December 24, 2005

Very delicious, and enjoyed by the whole family!!Great for a chilly winter morning. I loved the soft texture and found the dough extremely easy to work with. I did add an extra half cup or so to the dough while kneading. I also think it needs more cinnamon, for our tastes. I did have melted butter left over at the end, but not more than about a tablespoon's worth of solid butter. Great recipe, and thanks for posting!!

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Amanda Beth December 15, 2005

I've made this recipe at Christmas as the base for my Stollen, just by adding all of the fruits and nuts. Works out great

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Jo #2 December 12, 2004
Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls