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OH YUMMY! This was so easy to make! When my daughters friend came over, and they started arguing about whether they should play inside or outside, I suggested making these cookies and that settled the argument right away. :) We used devil's food chocolate cake mix, and put dried cranberries in them. I did chill the dough in the freezer for about 15 minutes and had the girls roll out the balls and roll them in the powdered sugar. It was also nice because they were actually able to help me put the ingredients in and everything. (They're both 6 years old) I was a little worried they wouldn't like them with the cranberries, but they loved them. Thank you for this oh so simple and fantastic recipe! Also wanted to mention that after mixing all the ingredients, the dough was VERY thick. I thought something was wrong at first, but they turned out great, so I suppose it was supposed to be like that. :)

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Denise Nachtigal November 30, 2005

I made chocolate with walnuts and vanilla with coconut. Very easy to make. This is a very good cookie. I will be making these cookies again and again.

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DebbieB 913 December 11, 2003

We really enjoyed these cookies. I used chocolate cake mix and walnuts and chilled the dough first. It was fast and easy to roll the cookies. Just what we were craving! Thanks for this recipe.

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bottlewasher February 05, 2004

Maybe it was the cake mix I picked (German chocolate with coconut), but I found these to be rather bland, even salty. Maybe with a different mix it might be better but I'm hesitant to try this again.

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Melindacogs January 08, 2013

We loved this recipe! It's a great deal for getting a lot of different cookies done at one time. We did leave it overnight before baking it, as recommended by another user, thanks!

We liked it best with dark raisins, that tasted very Christmasy.

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Rnam December 15, 2011

I've made these many times, and I find that chocolate cake mix doesn't make them chocolately enough. My favorite combo is butter pecan cake mix with pecans and toffee bits. I've done orange cake mix with grated peel in the frosting, and lemon with lemon peel in the frosting. I have found this to be true no matter what kind I make: they taste better after sitting covered for a day. The flavorings in the cake mix mellow-out, and they taste really yummy.

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bndsmom December 14, 2010

For being such a quick cookie these were pretty good! I used a cherry chip cake mix, but I'm not wild about the fake cherry taste. My 3-year old thinks they're great. I put chocolate chips in mine. Given the texture of the dough, I think this would work well in a cookie press too - that's going to be my next experiment! Nice to have a cookie recipe I can mix up and bake during my 2-year old's nap.

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Seedbeads December 02, 2009

I made these today, craving a cookie I'd tried before. I took white chocolate cake mix, and baked tiny cookies. Then I took one, turned it upside down and put a hershey's kiss on it - then ran the microwave for 10 seconds. Finally I pulled that one from the microwave and sandwiched it with another cookie on which I had spread raspberry jam. They are reaaaaaally good. Nice job! There is so much room for creativity here.

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andrea.a.wilson November 18, 2009

This turned out GREAT! I chose a Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix and used Andes Creme De Menthe baking chips.... wow did this turn out good! I didn't use parchment paper, just used Pam. Fantastic recipe!

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rachel.hoffarth November 24, 2008
Cake Mix Christmas Cookies