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This turned out to be a great "Secret Santa" gift for the girls at work. I used Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Fudge pudding and cocoa for my glaze. I made one to test it out and I was surprised! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

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Miss Erin C. December 06, 2001

This sounds like a cute, unusual gift for any special and/or non-special day.....I will try this one, ASAP..Almost like a cake in a jar mix....... Beve

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Beve February 04, 2002

This is such a cute idea!! I want to put these in our christmas baskets this year so I decided to give it a try first to make sure it works out ok :-) I used a yellow cake mix with a white chocolate pudding. Once measured out, the cake & pudding mix make enough for 8 mugs. I was so anxious to give this a try, I ate it right out of the microwave and it was very good!! A word of caution ... I saved 1/2 of it as I wanted my daughter to try it - she came home about an hour later (I had covered the mug with plastic wrap), and after cooling the cake got pretty hard. I am still going to include them in my baskets but will add to my instruction card to glaze and eat soon after cooking. Thanks Mirj, this will be a fun addition to my baskets!

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Pvt Amys Mom December 03, 2004

this didnt work at all for me :( after 2 mins it was still like the mess on the beaters when you make a cake. I let it sit 20 mins, still no good. Gave it another 2 mins in the microwave and ended up with a rock, chocolate flavoured brick:( the only thing that I can think of is the the cake and pudding mixes here are a different size to the ones you have Mirj. I used 190grams cake mix and 50grams of pudding mix, which was exactly half of each, I even weighed them to be certain. sorry Mirj, sesame noodles are number one here, but I wont be trying this again.

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mummamills April 11, 2004

These were so easy! Just the right size for mailing- not too heavy, but the recipient knows you put some time into thier gift instead of picking out just any old thing- thanks!

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vanessa nicole December 20, 2003

I divided the serving in half and microwaved for 45 seconds in a small custard cup. I added about a tbsp of chopped banana... oh boy! To top it off, I poked some holes in the top of still-warm cake and drizzled some sweetened condensed milk over the top (a la Better Than Sex Cake). Didn't need the glaze on this one. Decadent!

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Rebecca Louise April 03, 2010

I received this from chef #946146, my partner in the 2008 Holiday Cookie Swap. I'll be back to add my stars just as soon as I've made it. :) *UPDATE:* Dec 9/08- This is incredibly good. Much nicer than I had expected. Took exactly 2 minutes in the mug pictured. I will be giving this as gifts...year round.

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Diana #2 December 09, 2008

Loved it!! Here is what I found. I hate throwing out the yolk, so, one egg equals 4 T. This is very convenient if you are doing 2 (one for me and one for Sweetie). Scramble one whole egg and use 2 T. egg for each mug. For children (or smaller mugs) use one T. egg, 1/4 c. mix, 1/2 T. each water and oil and microwaved for 1 min. Will try with powdered egg, extra water to accommodate egg powder and leaving out the oil. I would love for it to be a little more portable. Also found that if you are making more than one, mix up all servings at once and measure out accordingly (if serving is 1/2 c. dry mix, measure out 1/2 prepared, wet mix).

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cook a ramma momma September 24, 2008

I made these for my co-workers during the holidays (everyone got mugs suited to their personalities). They went over very well, and everyone raved about their mini-cakes. Thank you for posting!

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Queen of Harts May 18, 2008

This was good (please see how I rate recipes), and VERY easy to make (check out the photo for the twin Cake in a Cup Mix - Cupcakes). Warm and sweet, it was a perfect cure for my cravings. I made mine a strawberry mix - strawberry pudding, and threw in a few chocolate chips – it was yummy and gooey. The only comment I have is that the addition of an egg white and oil doesn’t make this very convenient if away from home (e.g. at an office)… Next time I will try the Cake in a Mug with powdered egg white as luvmybge suggested. It would be great to just have this ready to go as Betty Crocker® Warm Delights™ are (I gave it a try recently and it didn’t have as nice a texture as the Cake, but it is very portable and doesn’t require anything more than water).

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Happy Hobbit February 25, 2006
Cake in a Mug