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These were a big hit at my Thanksgiving dinner! I used carrot cake mix and cream cheese icing and dipped them in almond bark. People thought it was pumpkin not carrot. I used a large cookie scoop to make my balls, put them in the freezer, and after dipping them, I used cooling racks so the excess could drip off. They looked beautiful served in foil, mini cupcake liners. Everyone thought they came from a professional bakery!

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tbarbie December 05, 2007

I've been making these for a while now from a recipe I found. I love all the variations. Through trial and error I have found that the BEST way to do this is to put wax paper on a baking sheet (metal). Roll the balls out of the mixture and place on the wax paper/baking sheet. Place these in the freezer for a min. of 15 min. This allows the cake to harden and the pans to be cold so that when you dip them then don't fall apart, and since you are placing them back on the cold pan they instantly harden. Another trick is to add a tsp or more of crisco to the almond bark when melting. This makes it thin and the cake is easier to dip. I heat almond bark in microwave for 15 sec. at a time, then use fork to dip, just laying the ball on the fork. I've added sprinkles and nuts to the tops for the kids as well. Hope this helps.

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jennifersimonette October 24, 2007

I recently made these for a church group and they were a hit. I used some cake I had frozen, about a quarter of a 13x9-inch pan. I let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight. I used a 2 heaping tablespoons of homemade buttercream frosting. Mixing with my hands until I had a dough ball. Skipped the refrigeration and went right to making balls slightly smaller than an inch in size, it made 40 balls. Then using Todd Webb's suggestions I froze them for 2 hours. I also used his idea of rolling the balls with two spoons to minimize mess, though I just used two table spoons. It worked great. I used chocolate candy coating and immediately sprinkled a ball with candy sprinkles after setting it to harden. By the time I was done with the next ball, the previous ball had hardened. The only downside to this idea was as the balls thawed they expanded slightly (not noticeable to my eyes) and the candy coating had a few hair line cracks. Perhaps if I had put a thicker coating of chocolate on each ball, this would have happened less. It used an entire tray, minus two squares, of the candy coating. I microwaved the candy coating as per the packaging instructions. If I ever have some leftover cake in the freezer again, this will be my go-to recipe, thanks!

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Jadelabyrinth July 12, 2015

These are very good!!! I've made a double batch of them twice and they are a big hit!!

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Tami M. April 17, 2014

These were a huge hit at our Christmas party! They were just so terribly good! I watched people try just one and then come back for more! We did lemon cake/lemon frosting with vanilla almond bark and chocolate (always gotta have chocolate!) cake/chocolate buttercream frosting with chocolate almond bark. Will try many more combinations in the future! Thank you for this great recipe!

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violetsareblue December 25, 2013

My cake boxes came in 16-1/4oz size (instead of the recipe's 18oz size). And my icing came in 12oz size, of which I used only half (6oz compared to the recipe's 15oz)! And these came out pretty good.

Yummy, but messy to make, and messy to eat - in both situations, the almond bark covering tends to get everywhere. Following others' advice, my first batch was dropped into paper cupcake cups, to contain mess and for easier handing-out. Failed, however :( My family liked them, but still reached for other easy-to-grab cookies instead. Un-crinkling the paper from the balls shattered and splattered hardened shell, making a bit of an annoying experience.

Second batch came out MUCH better. My adjustments seemed to work really well:
1) I used *plain white* cake instead of lemon, so it didn't compete with the chocolate flavor of the icing.
2) To the 1/2 can of icing, I first mixed in 1/4 cup of caramel macchiato flavored coffee creamer. I did this for taste, but it really made the balls SO MUCH EASIER to work with! I'm not sure the flavor came through (all the chocolate) at all. But the added liquid made the balls freeze really hard, so they dipped and came out easier, and froze "more cold." So the almond bark solidified within seconds.
3) I placed extra plates in the freezer. During the dipping process, I removed one plate, and set the newly covered ball onto it. I watched the coating freeze over in mere seconds.
4) I used a crock pot to melt the almond bark instead of a microwave. I melted it all at one time, and it stayed melted as long as I worked.
5) I learned how to dip the ball, and remove excess coating, and avoid mess. Using 2 spoons, one wooden and one dining, I set the ball into the melted coating, rolled it around, then scooped it out. Holding the spoons over the crock pot, I gently-but-quickly rolled the ball from spoon to spoon. It was so frozen cold, a fair amount froze to the ball, immediately covering it. The longer I rolled, the thicker the layer frozen to the ball. Then I could gently roll it off one spoon onto the plate (but the freezing effect often required the second spoon to push it off). This process sometimes left a bald spot on the ball. But one swipe of the spoon, and more warm coating was instantly frozen to the ball.

My first batch was good enough, and cakey enough. But I can't imagine how this could be made with 18oz cake and 15oz icing - yikes! Each time I used 16-1/4oz cake and 6oz icing, which was fine. But the second batch, with added 1/4cup coffee creamer made the final consistency more truffle-like. Next time I plan to try even removing some of the icing and increasing the coffee creamer in the hopes I'll taste more caramel in the final product. Between cake options, icing options, and all the coffee creamer options, that just allows even more creative flavor mixing - I'm eager to try :)

Thank you for this recipe!

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Todd Webb October 07, 2012

very good! Rich! For the coating i mixed half chocolate almond bark and chocolate chips.

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Cheesehead February 05, 2012

I just finished making these, and sampled my "tester." They are delicious and ridiculously easy to make. I took the advice of the original poster and others about freezing the balls, using a cookie scoop, and only melting a portion of the almond bark and dipping small batches at a time. I used a lemon cake mix and lemon frosting. I also added 2 drops of lemon flavoring to the almond bark. These turned out so well, I am serving them on Mother's Day for dessert. I will most definitely be making them again...and again...and again...and again...

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Cindy-in-the-Kitchen May 07, 2011
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