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Wow! Topped an Angel Food with this lush and lovely Cannoli Filling. I used the heavier version (250 ml of Nutri Whip) and served with fresh strawberries. This topping transformed an a Angle Cake into one terrific dessert. Love those recipes of yours Andy Pandy!

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Gerry July 15, 2005

Nice light lemony taste. I mixed the custard with the whip topping in my mix master since I couldn't blend properly, it came out a little runny but was wonderful once we gave it sometime to firm up in the fridge. I used this filling with Angel food cake, and it was amazing! Next time, I will add some fresh strawberries ontop and it will be splendido!

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- Momma Loon May 13, 2005

The filling was OK but as an Italian American the name bugged me. I suppose you can put anything your heart desires in a cannoli, but to actually call it Cannoli filling for most Italians it has to have ricotta and chocolate chips in it, in New York it tends to have a mild taste of cinnamon as well. Extras are citron or candied orange peel. In areas where ricotta his very expensive I have seen Italian pastisseria cream substituted. However never in my life have I ever seen a lemon cannoli! I think the photo of the cake that was posted with it added to my confusion. Without the traditional cannoli ricotta filling in it why is it not just a lemon cake? My grandmother rest her soul would have laughed. I enjoy most of Andy's recipes, but calling this cannoli filling was just too far fetched for me.

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Steve P. September 03, 2007
Cake and Cannoli Custard Cream Filling