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Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

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  1. Mix'em up.
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We love cajun seasoning but not all the salt that comes in the ones you buy already premixed. We just the salt out and this is perfect. I made half the recipe the first time to make sure it was the one we wanted and it is! We even added it to our scrambled eggs with a little reduced-fat Mexican cheese. We also sprinkled it on our grilled salmon and it was really good. Thanks for posting.

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This is my first time making and using a Cajun seasoning. I put a little on some baked beans to try it out and it was the perfect blend of spices. Not to hot and definitely not to mild. I mixed this up to use in Simple & Delicious Pot Roast Simple & Delicious Pot Roast by Deblet. In my opinion, these two recipes are a match made in culinary heaven!!! Thank you Mille® ™ for sharing this recipe.