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Timing for this tag couldn't have been better . . . I just finished the last of my Absolute Peppar Vodka and haven't been able to find anyone who carries it here in PV. The taste is 5 star but directions need to be changed to a longer fermentation time. I'm using the same bottle, just poured in what plain vodka I had left and added the jalapenos. Made it yesterday afternoon and tried it a couple hours later; wasn't as spicy as I like it so put back in the freezer to ferment longer. Guess I'll just have to try again tonight :=)! I also add a little olive juice to my martini, so guess that makes it a dirty cajun! THANKS FOR SHARING! UPDATE: Made another martini last night it was much spicer . . . guess that means it was fermenting about 48 hours.

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Galley Wench January 09, 2009
Cajun Martini