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I too had a few problems with the cake but the taste and aroma are so fantastic that it makes up for it. I only have an 8x8 square pan and have used this successfully with all recipes that require a 9x9 square pan until now. I don't believe it be an issue with my oven since I have never had problems before. After 30 minutes of cooking the cake was still batter in the middle so I stuck it back in for another 10 minutes. Still wobbly in the middle so it went back in the oven for an additional 15 minutes and only then was it done. By that time though the middle had completely sunk. That didn't matter after cutting into 1.5 inch squares and dusting with powdered sugar. The edges are a little crunchy for my taste but all in all a wonderful recipe.

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invictus March 05, 2008

This cake had great flavor but I found that it was not sweet enough for out tastes, and for some reason the cake got too overdone around the edges which usually does not happen in my convection oven, not to worry my DH will enjoy it with ice cream. Thanks Chef Kate!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz February 25, 2006

Ok so I made a couple of small, minor booboos, but in the end this came out so utterly delicious. i dont think my changes made a drastic difference. I ended up using a little less butter and a bit more sour cream b/c I didnt realize I didnt have quite enough butter. I took Gay's suggestion and used a robust molasses instead of the blackstrap. I made this in a round pan instead of a square one simply b/c i dont have a square pan, and put the extra batter in cupcake tins haha :) Delicious cake. We served with Ice cream and powdered sugar, but didnt eat it with the ice cream after the first serving b/c it was delicious on its own! Lovely with a dusting of powdered sugar. Thanks for this recipe! It's a definite keeper!

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love4culinary January 22, 2006

Thanks for sharing your tasty recipe Chef Kate. I enjoyed this gingerbread very much and will certainly be making this again. The only change I made to your recipe was to substitued 1/4 cup of slivered candied ginger for the nuts, as my dh doesn't eat nuts. I also added 1/8 cup of flour to the candied ginger before adding to the batter.

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Baby Kato January 11, 2006

Few problems with this, but the flavor was good. First, there was no mention of when to put in the sour cream or the ginger so i added them after the egg yolks. Also, I only have one bowl for my stand mixer, so I always hate it when whipped egg whites are called for after I've messed up my bowl with other mixing. Do yourself a favor and remember to mix these first. Finally the cake sunk for me a little. I think it would have benefited from putting some flour on the nuts, they seemed to travel to the center of the cake and sink. And while I thought the blackstrap molasses was too strong and I would use regular in the future, others didn't mind it as much. Everyone loved the perfectly crisped exterior of the cake and the moist inside. I think it would be best served with a whiskey flavored whipped cream, but we served with ice cream. Something else to cut the density of the cake is nice.

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Gay Gilmore November 23, 2005
Cajun Ginger Cake