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Wow what a wonderful recipe. The flavours go really well together. I esp loved the tomato chilli jam. I had to add a little more butter and milk to the sweet potato mash to make it more creamy but it still tasted yummy! Will deff be keeping this recipe.

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sassy_cassie March 13, 2008

Made this for dinner last night and fully enjoyed it. This is one of those recipes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The tomato relish was very good combining sour, sweet and spicy. Found the balance initially a little too sweet but sprinkled a wee bit of cayenne and it was perfect. Should also mention that my relish toook 25 minutes to reduce - in part because my tomatoes were particularly juicy. In retrospect, I should have let some of the liquid drain off before adding to the pot. The flavors of this paired really nicely with the slightly garlicy sweet potatoes. I had my leftover relish and potatoes with chicken and found that both the lambchops and chicken breasts worked well. With the chicken, I used a spicier blackening seasoning sent from NOLA (Rex brand) and found that worked better than my Cajun seasoning blend (also Rex). Thanks Beck for a delightful change of pace. Update: I just had the last of the tomato relish and each day it gets better and better. Next time I plan to make it in advance to give the flavors time to develop.

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justcallmetoni September 06, 2005

Oooh, this was wonderful. I used the original Old Bay seasoning. I love that line. And this was perfect since I had vine ripening tomatos just calling to be used. And the littlest member was also able to join in as well since one of her staples in her diet right now are sweet potatos. I made this for Zaar World Tour 05

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Amis September 02, 2005

I loved this combination. And while I made some minor changes, this definitely rates five stars. Isued very lean ground lamb, rubbed with cajun seasoning and grilled that and I omitted the butter--the sweet potato mashed was great with just the garlic. The tomato chili jam was so good and such a perfect foil for the sweet potato---really an excellent dish. Thanks, Beck!

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Chef Kate August 31, 2005
Cajun Cutlets With Sweet Potato Mash and Tomato Chilli Jam