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Well, I have to agree with Angela....she's never let me down in the past. This dish was FANTASTIC!!! Fay, your blend of spices to coat the fish was SUPERB. It has alot of "hidden" heat to it, which was a BIG hit in our house!! I did use half the amount of butter called for, but it still had tons flavor and tasty sauce...especially with the lime juice added at the end.

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Kozmic Blues August 22, 2004

Review # 2, in 2 days! I made this last night (review below) and made it again for lunch today! It is just TOO good! YUM! Thanks for this recipe!! Took a photo this time ;) OH MY GOSH! Fay! This fish is FABULOUS!!! The lime juice really makes this fish. The heat from the red chilies, and the wonderful flavors from the allspice; everything just melds so well together. The sauce really makes this fish. I cannot begin to explain how flavorful and delicious this fish is! Not only does it taste spectacular, it even looks scrumptious! Thank you for this recipe. We will be having this time and time again. Unfortunately, we had a late dinner tonight and the digital camera was in my parents room where they were sound asleep, so I couldnt take a photo :( I will make it again very soon and snap a shot of this delicious fish! It simply melts in your mouth! :D

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love4culinary June 05, 2004
Cajun-Creole-Indian?? Cod ??