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This was good...tasty.... spicy and very easy to prepare...i will make again Catherine

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blakesle September 20, 2002

This was outstanding! Very easy, very fast, reeeeeally tasty. I used orange and yellow bell peppers instead of the green; and since we are smoked-chorizo challenged here, all I can get is bulk (which I *hate* to cook because of the mess and all the grease... so I actually threw the bulk chorizo into the vegetable steamer and it turned out GREAT... all the grease drained into the water). The dish was a great success and my husband and I are both looking forward to lunch today for the leftovers! Thanks, Tish, for another great recipe.

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Titanium Chef August 29, 2002

I took some additional shortcuts and the dish was fantastic. I used already seasoned chicken strips and basil oregano, and garlic flavored diced tomatoes. Since the chicken and tomatoes were already seasoned I did not have to use any additional spices. The pepperoni tasted great along with everything else.I also chopped up an onion and just added one green pepper. The entire meal was done in 30 minutes, and my family loved it! I'll not only make it again but pass it on to my time starved co workers. Thanks!

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Dawn August 07, 2003

Excellent! Instead of the garlic powder, I used real garlic, and also added "hot" Italian sausage instead of the pepperoni! DH loved it and I will be making it again! Thanks for sharing.

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fame26 June 22, 2003
Cajun Chicken with Fettuccine