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Great results...loved the texture of this...this differs a bit from a lot of the raw bread recipes I've tried in that it truly results in a softer bread like texture (as opposed to a cracker-like texture) that can make a darn good sammie of in my case wraps/&raw "pizza"...I followed the instructions to the letter...using my American Harvest I filled 2 1/2 trays and got about 2 dozen slices...I am in love with "Ani recipes" -they are so "accessible" and I sort of share her name ;)...I am determined to find a way to make this using "leftover" pulp now because I have a lot in my freezer and more is always coming...it is nice to find ways other then feeding the garden to use it! :) Thanks for another great recipe Bella14...

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free-free May 04, 2009
Cajun Bread, No Yeast (Raw Food)