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I've made this, or a variation of it, quite a few times. It's my favorite way to roast a chicken. A few tips: 1) There are steel wire gizmos that you put the beer can into and sit the chicken on top - that helps keep it from falling over. Otherwise, it's a little top-heavy. 2.) Only use half a can of beer 3) I put the whole contraption into a roasting pan and put potatoes, carrots, what-have-you in the bottom. Delish. The beer cooks the chicken from the inside and keeps it from drying out. Give this a try.

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davidsundin February 27, 2009

I, too have made this many times, although I've never called it drunken chicken. I believe on the Old Bay (kind I used)Seasoning they state using the seasoning for chicken. I use a wire rack to keep the chicken standing upright. I have found that I need to cook it for longer, but maybe because we freak out about even a touch of red in the joints. thanks for posting, Renee Ferraz, I love beer can chicken!

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Garlic Chick April 27, 2012
Cajun Borracho Chicken ( Drunken / Beer Can Chicken )