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Ca c'est bon and could not have been simpler! Put it all in the pot and walk away. In all these years of cooking bean soup and beef stew separately, I never thought to cook them together. I had no luck in finding 18 bean soup mix; my choices were 15 or 16. Since none of the labels specified what those 15 or 16 were, the missing beans will forever remain a mystery. ;-) Since my 16 bean soup mix came with a Cajun seasoning packet, I threw it in the pot along with 2 tsp more of my favorite blend. When the meat and beans were tender, I tasted for seasoning and found that it needed a whole lot more of _something_ to reach respectable Cajun status. In went some chopped onions, red pepper flakes and lots more Cajun seasoning. I thought it was divine but DH, that heathen, added Tabasco sauce to his bowl. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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SusieQusie January 26, 2008
Cajun 18 Bean With Beef Soup