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Oh, this is yummy! It made the house smell soooo good, too! I doubled the recipe (we really like cajeta in my house, and I wanted to use up the whole container of goat milk that I bought). I'm not sure if it was because of the doubled recipe, having the lid on the crockpot, or both, but it took almost a whole day to thicken up. It was the right color after 10 hours on high, but still very runny. After about 9 hours, I realized that the mixture was just not thickening, so I removed the lid and allowed it to cook for the rest of the day uncovered. Not a big deal, since all I needed to do was stir it periodically. Besides, the longer cook time meant that my house was going to smell delicious for that much longer lol. I bet that even if I didn't have the time to allow it to thicken, I could have used the liquid to make some positively decadent iced coffee drinks or milkshakes. Definitely a keeper, thanks for posting! Made for ZWT4

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Muffin Goddess June 23, 2008

This was an experiment for me and after 12 hours on high mine was still very liquid but golden brown in colour. In the end I had to thicken it with cornflour on the gas stove top to get it to a custard like consistency. Flavour was good just like butterscotch pudding.

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katew July 19, 2009

having read the previous review, I actually didnt want mine to thicken too much :) I used low fat milk, and ended up with a slightly thickened carmel sauce. You cant eat it by itself, it is just WAY too sweet, BUT in an iced coffee, or just mixed with milk it is just wonderful! I expected it to taste like condensed milk caramel, but it doesnt AT ALL. Well worth a try!

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mummamills May 18, 2009
Cajeta (Crock Pot Method)