Total Time
1hr 45mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr 30 mins

I was looking through an old Mexican cookbook I have and found this recipe. For those of you who have made Miss Annie's Chocolate Flan Cake without cajeta, please try it with. I have made it both ways and the cajeta is definitely richer. This is also called Leche Quemada (burnt milk), though, in fact, the milk is not burned, but cooked to a soft caramel. In addition to using for the cake, this can be spread on bread, biscuits or as a topping for ice cream.

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  1. In a saucepan, combine 1 quart of the milk with the sugar and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until mixture turns golden.
  2. In the remaining quart of milk, stir in the soda and place in another saucepan.
  3. Add the cinnamon stick and bring to boil.
  4. Discard the cinnamon and add the hot milk very gradually to the caramel mixture, stirring constantly.
  5. When all the milk is incorporated, place over a low heat and cook very slowly until the mixture is thick like melted caramel.
  6. Cool slightly; then pour into a glass container and chill.
  7. Please note that the cooking times and yield are approximate.


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Cajeta is so yummy. I made it yesterday for the first time. I just wanted to add that if you use highly pasteurized goat's milk (available at Whole Foods and Kroger) it doesn't take as long to make (about and hour or so), it is only towards the end that you have to stand right there and stir constantly (although I am nearby all of the time) and goat's milk doesn't burn as easily as cow's milk. I also didn't separate the milk out. Just put sugar, milk, baking soda and vanilla bean in the heavy (large) pot and started heating it up. Turned out great!

Terri W. August 20, 2016

As has been said this recipe does take a long time to make. It is WELL worth the effort though! I made this and took it to a friends place to make a cake and it was an instant hit! Everyone loved it! The flavour and colour is absolutely amazing. The rubber spatula is not strictly needed, but having made this twice now with only a lowly wooden spoon, I can really see where it comes in handy.. all in all, I give this recipe an A+++++++++

Exodus February 20, 2006

If you like to make home made jam and have the patience for it, then this is the type of recipe for you. I advise you to not undertake this project without a heat proof "rubber" spatula and a non stick sauce pan. I cut the recipe in half, and it was just fine. Stage one seemed to go on forever, but it finally reached a "sort-of" golden color. I gently stirred in the boiled milk as directed, and then let the mixture slowly cook on very low heat. The cajeta begins to turn golden and you will know when it’s ready when it is a nice rolling mass of bubbles - like will sort of drip off the spatula and begin to thicken as it drips when it is done. The caramel color seemed to intensify as it cooled. Be patient, follow the directions and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

justcallmejulie March 01, 2005

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