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This is the best tasting, creamiest, thickest, cheesiest, most awesome, delicious, incredible macaroni and cheese! It reminds me of Stouffer's, which is my store-bought favorite, but it is better! I reduced the ground mustard to just 1/2 teaspoon, omitted the hot pepper sauce and let off the breadcrumbs. Paprika was sprinkled on individual servings since my son refuses to eat it. It was fairly easy to assemble. It wasn't messy to mix together, and I could lick my fingers if I wanted to since there were no eggs! This was just enough for our little family of 4 (two small kids), so I might double it next time to have leftovers. Still, it was an entire dinner on its own, and that is rare for '4 serving' recipes. Thanks!

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Burned Toast February 07, 2008
Cafeteria Macaroni and Cheese