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Prep 5 mins
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I have a co-worker that is addicted to those hot cafe mocha drinks...So for Christmas, last year, I decided to make them their own 'instant' mix...I even bought a 60 oz 'coffee-themed' container (that came with it's own TBSP measure) for them to store it in! A few TBSP of the 'mix' and some hot water and voila! Cafe Mocha!

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  1. Sift all ingredients together; Store in a nice 60 oz container.
  2. To use: add 4 tbsp of mix to 8 oz of boiling/hot water.
  3. Note: to the noob who left the one star review -- I know who you are so please stop stalking me with a new ID and grow up, huh?
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Thx for your delicious recipe!

Perfect proportions! But then again... "perfect" is relative and very individual. I like my coffee quite strong, so i upped it by 1/3 cup, because it felt like the chocolate tended to dominate the taste.

Furthermore, mere stirring will not pulverize instant coffee crystals, but judging from your photo, I figured you probably used "instant espresso"--the only brand along with Starbuck's VIA that come pulverized.

I personally like Nescafe, so the 2nd time around, I used a blender starting with the coffee first. This method is ideal for those who may want to use the same mix for iced coffee too. Sugar and coffee granules may not fully dissolve in cold water, but the "blender method" takes care of that too.

Note that a blender-pulverized mix will shrink in size by 30% (about 2 cups), so you'll need less than 3 Tbs/cup (8z water, hot or cold).

coastal fog September 30, 2011

excellent!! I am making a batch for my mother-in-law shes addicted to coffee and she will love it too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

jessrackover July 02, 2011

The daughter and I of me like this recipe very much! When I drink, instant coffee is added a little. It is very delicious. so glad i found this. Thanks so much.

minmin-mika January 19, 2010