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I whisked a cup of whole milk and 3 Tbsp brown sugar into the chilled coffee. I am reminded of chai and am tempted to try this both with more milk and then I am intrigued by the spiciness and full body of the coffee and want to try it without milk to savor the rich flavor of the coffee and spices alone. This could also be a dessert coffee... keep it hot, strain and serve with a dollop of fresh whipped cream sprinkled with grated cinnamon and cardamon, or perhaps with a twist of orange peel studded with a clove or two. You've got me thinking... thanks for a nice recipe!

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rsarahl June 14, 2003

I enjoyed this a lot and the spices are wonderful. I didn't add any milk but just sweetened with a bit of Splenda. This is extremely simple to make and if you like spiced coffee you will love this too.

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Annacia March 07, 2008
Cafe Marrakech