Cafe Cubano Latte (Homemade Liquid Coffee Creamer)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I was desperate for a dose of my morning pick me up, but alas no creamer nor any milk in the frig! Frantically I searched the pantry and found sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Hum?! Why not combine the two and create my own creamer? When added to my strong usual brew of Cafe Cubano, the result was rich, creamy and udderly delicious! Enjoy!


  1. Thoroughly combine two cans of milk, use water to rinse out the cans and add vanilla extract. Serve with your preferred brew. Refrigerate if you drink a lot of coffee in your house or if you have company. Or freeze in ice cube containers for individual use.
Most Helpful

This saved my life! I woke up to realize I had no creamer left and really didn't want to get dressed quite yet to head to the store. I made this but didn't have evaporated milk so I just used skim and added almond extract as well as vanilla and it was delicious! Great for a pinch, but SO good I may just forsake store-bought altogether and just make my own all the time! Thanks for sharing with us!

Cynna August 01, 2010

This was pretty good. I did change the water amount to skim milk- wanted the extra creaminess of it. I also experimented with other flavors from different posts on homemade coffee creamer. I used a splash of orange extract and almond instead of vanilla- the results were to die for. Be playful with what flavors you like!

TeacherLaLa March 08, 2010

Awesome! I'm always looking for homemade recipes for premade store bought stuff (salad dressings, mayo, ect..) and this homemade coffee creamer is a perfect example of what I look for! Went well with my espresso. Thank you for posting! :)

madetobemagic71 February 17, 2010