Café Con Leche

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Halcyon Eve

A popular Spanish coffee drink, often served at breakfast. The proportions should be equal quantities milk and strong coffee. The ingredients and instructions include making the coffee with a French press, but you can substitute any very strong brewed coffee or espresso. I wouldn't recommend instant coffee or decaf as neither would likely be strong enough. The scalded milk will be sweeter than fresh milk, so keep that in mind when adding sugar. This recipe is from Times are estimates.

Top Review by Mysterygirl

I detest milk but love coffee so when I'm doing Weight Watchers its always been a struggle to get my milk portions in for the day. This is a great way to do it. I subbed splenda for the sugar and had my "coffee flavored milk" to start my day. Thanks.

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  1. Place coffee in bottom of prewarmed French press. Add boiling water, replace lid (without lowering filter), and allow to brew for 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, place milk in a small saucepan. Bring just to boiling point (the first larger bubble breaking on surface), then reduce heat to barely simmering. Simmer gently for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until coffee is done.
  3. After the 5 minutes are up, depress plunger on press to strain grounds. Divide coffee evenly between 4 mugs. Add hot milk to each cup in equal amounts to coffee.
  4. Sweeten to taste. Garnish with a dash of cinnamon, if desired.

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