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Very good indeed, though I will make some minor changes next time. For a start, there was enough dressing for two lettuce heads. Also, I will reduce or leave out the salt, just mincing the garlic, and increase the mustard and lemon juice. I forgot about starting the coddled eggs from cold, so left them in for two minutes, which was a bit too long, as the whites were nearly cooked. Still, it all tasted fantastic! I served it with cold sliced chicken breast, which I had marinated in lemon and oil, then grilled.

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SarahEmmm May 24, 2009

I did this exactly as stated with the lower end of the ranges and it was great. Lots of garlic and flavour. Next time will use more anchovy. Loved it.

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bggio April 17, 2008

I was at Caesar's Hotel where the recipe comes from and made a little video start to finish of the originators preparing the salad at your table. Mine didn't have anchovy paste in it and they say that in the original there never was any. Caesar Cardini was opposed to using anchovies in his salad

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Douglas H. May 09, 2015
Caesar Salad Dressing