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I used inch thick pork loin chops and thought this was excellent! I also took the advice from another reviewer and baked potatoes with the pork. I used a 9X13 glass baking dish, quartered 3 russet potatoes and all I did was to brush some caesar dressing on the potatoes and sprinkle with the parmesan and baked for an hour.

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mysuns March 02, 2010

Okay... not sure if I should rate this recipe since I used it for chicken instead of pork... but boy was it good. As we are all watching our weight, I omitted the flour and just sprinkled the italian seasoning generously on top of the chicken breasts (boneless/skinless). Then I poured on the caesar salad dressing (Kraft Free, of course) and baked them for 35 minutes. Then sprinkled on the cheese and baked them another 3 or 4 minutes until the cheese melted. Using this recipe as a guideline, I also made it with pork steaks, substituting bold taco seasoning for the italian seasoning, chipotle ranch for the caesar, and shredded taco cheese for the parmesan. It was delicious. Both the chicken and pork turned out great! A nice basic recipe that really gets the ideas and creative juices flowing! Thanks!

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GSCook August 04, 2008

Fantastic and easy! I browned my boneless butterfly chops in a bit of oil olive before adding the caesar dressing and throwing in the oven. By doing so this reduced the cooking time in the oven by half. I'll definitely be making this recipe again, thanks for posting!

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mommymakeit4u May 12, 2010

Reading through a lot of the reviews, I find it strange that some people would make a recipe when they obviously are not very keen on the ingredients, or they make substantial changes -- and then they say they didn't like it much! We like these flavours, and the recipe is so quick and easy. I also wonder if cooks who were not happy with the results really used real Parmesan and a good creamy Caesar salad dressing? I only added a very little extra seasoning-with-a-bite (dry Piquante Pepper seasoning/Peppadew) to the Italian herbs, but used the recipe unchanged. My chops were nicely cooked after 25 - 30 minutes, but cooking times depend so much on the different ovens. The flavour was great -- mild but tasty. I did not use loin chops (terrified of their notorious "dryness"), but a chop cut which had some marbling running through them. So they were juicy. I should add we don't mind a little fat at all ... I'm pleased to see that some doctors and dieticians are coming round to the idea that a little animal fat (used for 1,000's of years, after all!) are not at all bad for us!! Thanks, Marie-Alice, for a recipe I'll use again. Should be great with chicken too.

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Zurie December 09, 2012

I wasn't sure what to expect with this recipe. I was concerned that the chops might come out of the oven with a soggy/mushy texture. I needn't have worried. They were delicious! I doubled the recipe to feed my family of 6 and before we had even finished the meal the two remaining chops had been "called" for lunches the next day. This is high praise from my non-leftover eating family!

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UPmomto4 March 15, 2008

These were really easy to make, had all ingredients on hand. They weren't the best I've ever had, but still good and easy. I will make them again. I think ranch dressing would also be good in place of the caesar. Just an idea for next time...

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Southern Bug November 25, 2007

Well, I have to agree with PBF this dish looked very appealing and did smell amazing while cooking but I really didn't care for the combination of flavors. Even my husband who loves just about everything didn't care for this recipe. On the other hand both by 6 and 9 yr old boys loved it so that is why I'm giving this recipe 3 stars instead of 1. I followed the recipe exactly as written sorry Tasty Tidbits I was really hoping for 'AMAZING' according to the other reviews.

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Mamascookin February 03, 2011

Tasty these chops were nice and moist. After reading the reviews I seasoned the chops before breading. Even though they didn't come out crunchy the flavor was good. I mixed panko with Italian breadcrumbs instead of flour and added some grated parm in. Next time I think I would cook them on a rack to let the grease drain and them to crisp up some. Thanks for the recipe,

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Luvs 2 Cook March 01, 2010

I thought this was great! i did add salt and pepper and used boneless chops. I used Ken's Creamy Caesar Lite (ken's is the best!) and served this with garlic bread and peas. Thanks Tasty!

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Pritha December 11, 2009

I misread the recipe. Spread the caesar dressing on first. Then coated them with wheat flour, Italian seasoning and grated parmesan. We really enjoyed them. Served with roasted potatoes. Yummy! Will try according to directions next time for comparison.

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Peprich October 31, 2009
Caesar Pork Chops