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I don't even have to make this recipe to try it. It is exactly the way my grandmother taught me when I was young., Yes, she was Hungarian,had a pig farm down in west virginia. Anyway, after surfing all the other recipes, I came across this one and it is my recipe... THESE ARE DELICIOUS! I am well know in the area for my cabbage rolls, I get allot of compliments every time I make them. OOH SOO GOOD. so, Try these THEY'RE WONDERFUL AND SO COMFORTING. the only thing that I do do differently is that I layer fresh bacon on my layers (i/2 cut strips) instead of crumbs... that way the bacon flavor gets down into the cabbage. I use uncle bens 5 minute rice, uncooked, and 3 eggs instead of 4, and garlic is a personal preference... you can actually by the can tomatoes with garlic... and I never used the smoked sausage, but they said that was optional... and instead of the sausage, I add a 1 lb of fresh ground veal.. that's grandmother's , and it makes a difference. Key: mix all your stewing sauce together first... that way its equal.. and I layer : sauce.. cabbage rolls, saurkraut, bacon, the repeat. top with bacon, then I take the left over cabbage and lay it ontop of everything, so that the oven doesn't does not burn anything... ENJOY!

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therockmiester December 05, 2007

I am pretty sure Tony is NOT Hungarian, but my mother, grandmother, and her mother, etc. all were. There are no tomatoes in this, no bacon and no sausage nor is there nearly that much sugar. Also, you need to take each cabbage leaf and remove the harder core in a diamond shape - this makes it easier to seal, S-Veeeeetheart. My Nana used to call me that and she came over on the boat to Ellis Island....

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kmbowen67@att.net December 30, 2012

I basically made this recipe as directed except that I layered the cabbage rolls in a crockpot with sauce in between layers, and cooked on low for 8 hours. Delicious! I used the optional sausage and bacon .... mmm. I did reduce the salt a little bit and my mom still thought it was too salty - maybe the sauerkraut?? Anyway I didn't think it was too salty and I loved it! I brought it to a gathering where a lot of people thought it was good, and got seconds

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Margaret Joy November 09, 2009

Is there a reason you're not using Hungarian paprika? Other than this it seems very much how it was made for me when I was visiting a friends family in Budapest. Hungarian paprika varies greatly from what we generally use. Thanks ;) just wondering.

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Anonymous May 24, 2015

Making them today but already know they are going to be AWE! Growing up we lived for when someone in the famiily did the do and made cabbage rolls...couldn't get enough. Actually making them for the holidays, meeting up with some of my cousins and their mom (my aunt) made the best...so as a surprise I'm making them for the boys...and me of course. Probably won't be as good as my Aunt MaryAnn's...then again..don't know, we'll see. Grew up in Michigan now living in California and my guy never even heard of cabbage rolls...WHAT...made them for him and of course he LOVED them...he's happy I'm making them again.

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DRDETCLT December 13, 2012

I made this for my boyfriend the other night and we loved it.... I served it with fresh white bread and mashed potatoes ..ummm ummm!!!

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KatSully33 October 07, 2010

The Country Chef only gives out five stars sparingly. This was an incredible! Any Hungarian would be proud of this recipe. The cabbage rolls and kraut on the second day was even better. A winner for the community of recipezaar.com

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Country Chef October 25, 2005

All my Hungarian and Polish family members made cabbage rolls, so I ate alot of these in my life. I made them last weekend and they were a lot of work, but WOW I never had them as good. This recipe is tops. I cut the recipe in half and shouldn't they were gone in two days and I wanted freeze some.

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Tim-in-Ga March 03, 2005

This is exactly like I make my Cabbage Rolls! chop up the leftover cabbage and layer it with the sauerkraut, though. Wonderful dish!

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BB502 September 15, 2004
Cabbage Rolls - Real Hungarian Style