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I made a few changes to this recipe for religious reasons, and a few just because I'm lazy, and this worked out to a superb dinner! I don't eat pork, and veal is a little hard to get, so I used 3 pounds of ground beef. I splurged a bit and had the butcher grind up the beef for me from a beautiful piece of meat, and I'm glad I did, because it was really worth it. As for the laziness, I didn't parboil the cabbage. I kept it in the freezer overnight, and the leaves peeled off easily in the morning. I also made this in the crockpot, slicing the carrots thinly, and started it up in the morning and cooked it on low for about 10 hours. The house smelled heavenly when I got home. The kids wanted to know why we were eating such special food during the week, they just don't understand how special Zaar Tag can be! Leftovers for lunch the next day made that day special as well (BTW, these reheat beautifully in the microwave)!

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Mirj April 28, 2003

It's my second time using this recipe. My family really enjoyed them. I used ground turkey with ground pork and just added a little more of the spices for more flavor. For the sauce I also used a can of tomato soup with the crushed tomatoes and brown sugar. My mom made these alot but didn't serve anything else with them. BUTdon't forget the mashed potatoes. This is a wonderful compliment to the meal. My husband just raved about the meal. Thanks

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MomJ March 01, 2009

So, we're vegetarian and I LOVE to take non veg recipes and make them veg worthy and this one really passed the test! It's delicious with soy ground meat substituted and no eggs. A perfect Polish hearty vegetarian meal...Thanks a bunch.

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oforlife February 17, 2009

Wonderful. I made an entire pan of these and they were devoured! The only change I made was I used ground turkey instead. I had meat mixture left over so I formed meat balls and placed them in the pan along with the rolls. Also, I hate to waste a thing so I took the smaller leaves from the center and chopped them and spread on the bottom of the pan to keep the rolls from sitting on the bottom and possible burning- plus the loose cabbage soaked up the sauce and released even more juices and flavor. MMM it was so good. I have never had cabbage rolls before that had mushrooms and carrots in the sauce. What a great addition. Thanks Rita for an authentic and delicious Polish recipe! *Made for ZWT4- East Europe*

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) June 16, 2008

DH and I really enjoyed this recipe, and it is one that I will make again, trying out a few modifications. We halved the recipe for the 2 of us (and we will still have plenty of leftovers) and followed the instructions exactly as posted. The dish came together very nicely and I did not find it difficult to prepare. It smelled wonderful. I think the meat filling could have been more flavorful, and next time, I will use the proportions of spices listed for the whole batch, while continuing to use half of the meat and rice. I will also add salt to the meat mixture instead of only sprinkling it on the top of the dish. We served the dish over mashed potatoes as suggested. Thanks for a nice meal and one that I will try again. Made for ZWT4.

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Dr. Jenny June 15, 2008

My grandmother used to make cabbage rolls when I was younger and I remember loving them. So, I had to try making them myself. These were wonderful!! I accidentally forgot to put the egg in but, they turned out great anyways. In fact, I will probably just ommit it next time as well. Also, I didn't use veal, just beef and pork. I will definately be making this one again!

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ProudMamaT January 10, 2008

I made a few changes to this recipe I omited the veal,carrots, & mushrooms. This is the first time I have ever made these and I tell you these came out as good as my mother used to make.These are Great. I made these some time ago and I am back here getting the recipe to make them again. Like the other review I also thought I better rate them while I'm here. I have not tasted better since my mother made them when we were younger!! The sauce is just like moms and I also froze the leftovers and they were just as delicious as they were fresh. Thanks Rita L these are my favorite cabbage rolls that will be served again and again. Jan 09, 2006

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pnd January 09, 2006

This was my first time making cabbage rolls. I was really looking forward to it, sadly it wasn't good. I think for my personal tastes it was the combination of cabbage and tomatos. It might be a great recipe for some but not for me and my family. I will be searching for another one though!!

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oncedmw October 25, 2011

Best cabbage rolls ever. My 4th time making and everyone loves them. The only change I make is not using veal. I use two pounds beef and one pound pork. Also, I love carrots but not with this dish.
I prefer green beans or corn.Yummy.

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LOUD September 19, 2011

The only change I made to this was to sub elk for the veal because I couldn't find veal and an elk-pork sausage mixture is what I usually use in my golabki anway. I didn't think these were quite as flavorful as my usual recipe, but it was still good enough to get non-cabbage eaters to eat cabbage. The leftovers reheated well in the microwave too. I would probably double the seasonings next time, but otherwise very good. Thanks.

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littleturtle March 30, 2009
Cabbage Rolls / Golabki / Stuffed Cabbage