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I made this last night and it was wonderful. I make a "Caldo de Res" soup, its very different but also very similar, however, that soup takes 3-4 hours to cook from beginning to end. This cabbage soup only took me about an hour and the results were magnificent! I just love cabbage, I also added natures seasoning, celery, and carrots for more veggies, I also used dice tomatoes in can; other than that I followed the recipe as is. The recipe makes plenty for leftovers for a couple days, next time I'll probably cut it in half seeing as its just my husband and I and my 5 mth old son who doesn't eat yet. But one day when he can, he'll be praising you for this great recipe because I'll be making it often on those cold nights!! Thanks again.

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sgvgngjg January 02, 2008

I found this to be bland for me... I did only have 2 bouillon cubes though so maybe that was the reason,but I just kept adding seasonings until it tasted perfect, thyme, basil,sugar,garlic salt,red pepper flakes, and now it is to do for. Also when I served it I added a spoon of sourcream in the bowl as well that was a great addition.

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Szakacs January 12, 2009

This recipe is a good example of why Recipezaar draws me back time and again. I would have dismissed this recipe had it been in a magazine as it sounds so ordinary when you read the ingredients. But here you get to read all the great reviews which give you incentive to give it try. This soup was wonderful!

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ChiefCook&BottleWasher November 10, 2008

I love love love this soup! Totally my fav now, so favorfull! I did try something diff tonight, I only used 1lb hamburger and i pkg skinless polish sausage! TO DIE FOR! Yum!

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blueyedbrat7348 March 12, 2015

This recipe was terribly bland. Something must to be missing. I used 8 cups of water (which included the one cup with dissolved bouillon). A flavor check after thirty minutes of cook time was disappointing. I added another three bouillon cubes, more black pepper, salt, one tablespoon each of chili powder and parsley and another teaspoon of oregano. It helped but the flavor wasn't that great. I decided to try this recipe because everything was on hand and it was super easy to make. This is not a soup I would recommend. I probably won't make it again because, honestly, it just wasn't all that special.

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SonnyHavens December 15, 2013

I added some balsamic vinegar, mushroom stock, and a bit of saracha sauce and ketchup. No kidney beans, ground beef, peppers so left peppers out and used lentils and ground turkey as substitutes. I tripled the garlic used. Even with these changes it is good and I would make it again. Smells like heaven in my home right now :0)

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Phantom2010 October 16, 2013

I have made similar version for years. Since my husband has a small garden and this year has 8 cabbages for me to use I am always looking for new recipes which freeze well. The above soup freezes very well and we love it.

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bonpaulk_12136068 August 10, 2013

If this is from Lakewood, WA. Then there are a few items that are missing. I know this because I helped many a time the 'Bag Lady' Susan prepare it for the cafe. You left out the heavy cream and curry. Of course there is also a few missing steps,but you wouldn't know about them because they weren't included on the cafe recipe.Many times the beef was cut with lamb...this wasn't served to the customers but set aside for family. I think it's better with the lamb.

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bnc5 March 06, 2013

I have made this soup a few times now and it is easily my favourite cabbage soup. Nice and spicy and warming. I do admit to halving the chili but that is to keep all family members happy

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Catherine Robson August 15, 2012

This tastes just like a soup that I loved as a little girl when my mom worked in Snohomish, WA. A restaurant called the Cabbage Patch served this with open face toasted bagels with cheddar. Mmmmm! I've been looking for this recipe for a very long time. Thank you so much for posting jmelyn. You've satisfied a 25 year craving!

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Chef Emstar December 13, 2011
Cabbage Patch Soup