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This was very yummy! I had a bunch of fresh vegetables left over from Saturday lunch and used them up to make this for Saturday night supper. I ran all the veggies through the food processor using the steel knife, so the chopped veggies were almost confetti-like. I didn't use bacon (never use bacon) but did use lots of garlic and plenty of cheese. It's a great low-carb meal! By the way, eggs are not mentioned in the list of ingredients, you should have Gay correct the recipe, mummamills. Thanks for a quick and delicious supper!

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Mirj February 23, 2003

What a great breakfast this made, unfortunately I didn't have any carrot so just used the cabbage and onion and made for 2 (4 eggs) and just a half quantity of the sauce which was plenty for us and the only change I can see me making is to sub hoi sin sauce for the soy as I found that a little salty but the DM was no way it was perfect so I now have a way of getting veg into her at breakfast, thank you mummamills, made for Aussie/Kiwi Swap #52 May 2011.

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I'mPat May 30, 2011

I thought this was very good. This was made pretty much by recipe except for the use of bouillon cubes. The sauce was made with chicken stock in place of the cube. This made a nice quick dinner, packed with veggies.

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PaulaG January 21, 2014

This was an unusual recipe for me, I had never heard of a cabbage omelet. I decided just to use cabbage and onions, fry them in butter and then I added the eggs and cooked them. They turned out great. I also did not make the sauce and just served soy sauce on the side for us to add if we liked.......I sprinkled some on mine while my brother ate his plain. This is something I would never have thought of if I hadn't played this game. Thanks for posting! Made for Aussie Recipe Swap 2013.

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linguinelisa May 28, 2013

Simple, quick and can be made for any meal. As a matter fact the next time I will serve it for lunch as it was more than I have for lunch. It was a tad too salty for my taste, but that could be because I added a little ham, next time I will cut back on the broth. So many possibilities with this dish.

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morgainegeiser June 12, 2012

This is my kind of meal - breakfast, lunch or picnic ( the categories I saved this into). To my taste, the cheese is not a good addition, unless it's a little goat's chevre in the middle, and the bacon is also unnecessary, but I realize that's just me.... I love vegies! I feel that the cabbage should be able to shine in this one - it's a mostly underrated vegetable.
I'll definitely be making this for breakfast in a couple of hours! Thanks for the tag.
p.s. I'll also be using gluten-free vegie stock powder instead of chicken.

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iknitok June 01, 2011

What a terrific omelette mummamills. I really enjoyed the crunch and flavor of the vegetables. I must admit that I did find the sauce salty. Next time I make this and there will be a next time, I will add less bouillion. Made exactly as written and I did add the garlic option. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Made for AUS/NZ Swap #51

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Baby Kato April 18, 2011

WOW was this good. That being said, it was way too salty for me so next time I will use low sodium bouillon and leave out the salt. I am a huge cabbage fan so I knew this would be great. I have extra veggies for tomorrow's breakfast too! I did add a touch of milk to my eggs (habit). Otherwise, made it dead on. I used Swiss cheese which was delightful in here. Thanks for a keeper of a recipe. Made for AUS/NZ recipe swap, Oct 2009.

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JanuaryBride November 02, 2009

Simple and delicious - my favorite combination! I love how this recipe is written, with so much flexibility in what you can add to it, yet with the chicken bouillon cubes, cornflour, and soy, you will still enjoy an interesting core flavor. I did happen to use ready-to-go shredded cabbage which also had the carrot element. Thanks, Mummamills! Made for Aussie New Zealand Recipe Swap.

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mersaydees April 04, 2009
Cabbage Omelette With Sauce, Very Quick