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These egg rolls are very tasty! The recipe doesn't specify the package size of the vermicelli mung bean noodles, and it ended up looking like there were too many noodles in my mixture. I had a hard time incorporating all the noodles into the meat, and I ended up with a lot more filling after using the 50 egg roll wrappers, so I suspect my package of noodles may have been too much. However, I could be wrong and maybe that's how the mixture is supposed to be. They did taste great! I froze the rest to fry up at a later date. Thanks for the recipe!

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Velouria May 08, 2010

Delicious! They taste just like they're from the Cambodian restaurant! Thanks! This recipe will be made each time I prepare my other Asian dishes!

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MajesticMamaChef March 22, 2010
Cabbage Free Cambodian Egg Rolls