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This is one great tasting soup! A wonderful old cookbook from the library years ago allowed that not only did recipes for Borsch vary from county to country but from family to family - in some countries - simply another name for soup. Made as posted and these soup lovers here enjoyed this Cabbage Borsch. How good - another pot is in the planning. Thank you and thank your friend for sharing her mother's recipe ... this is going into my family favorites!

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Gerry September 18, 2007

Like Alan Leonetti, I'm a bit puzzled about the name of the soup because it does imply the presence of beets. On the other hand, a soup by any other name should taste as good, and if it tastes this good, who cares what it's called? The secret is in the lemon juice which imparts a nice zingy tartness. I microwaved the lemons 20 seconds before squeezing to get maximum juice production. A great cabbage soup! (P.S. I did cut the cold water down to 1 cup for a thicker soup.)

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echo echo September 08, 2006

Very interesting, as this is the first time that I ever saw a Borsch recipe that does not contain any beets, as I always understood that Borsch was a beet soup.

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Alan Leonetti March 03, 2004
Cabbage Borsch