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I make this all of the time - really great recipe that tastes like cabbage rolls. I add celery and fried bacon to my recipe version - terrific!!!

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Graybert March 08, 2002

This was SO easy to make and the taste was not the least bit disappointing. I have attempted to make stuffed cabbage and it has always been a disaster. This casserole gave me the great taste of stuffed cabbage without the hassle! i think my family would eat it 7 days a week. Im not a great cook....but this recipe made me look good. I Really enjoyed this one! :)

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Kiiah April 08, 2002

Wonderful! I didn't think I would ever have enough patience to try and attempt make actual Stuffed Cabbage; and this recipe tastes exactly like my moms stuffed rolls; but without the fuss! This is a keeper! Wonderful; would give it more stars if I could! I always wanted to make stuffed cabbage rolls like my mom, but never had enough confidence in myself to "stuff, roll & tuck" without making a mess of it. This recipe tastes exactly like my moms rolls, but without the fuss! The only thing I did different was added a bit more rice, about 1 - 2 more Tbsp. This is a keeper!

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TheDancingCook April 22, 2002

We loved this - good old fashioned comfort food! I did fry a few pieces of bacon and then brown the beef and onions in the bacon fat. Thats the way I make cabbage rolls, so thought it would add some nice flavor here too. Easy to make and very filling. If you're a cabbage fan (I love it), then you will like this one. I did have to cook about 30 minutes longer to get the cabbage tender, but I think my oven is a little off

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SuzieQue June 04, 2002

Good recipe. I used a bag of shredded cabbage which made it super easy. It was hearty and we enjoyed it.

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Cinda Lu January 21, 2015

We love this simple dish. It can be spiced up or down to taste with ease. I even doubled the size and put it into the crockpot when I would be gone for the day. (I don't recommend that change as the cabbage wilts a bit much)

Even the teenagers love this one. This is sooo much simpler and quicker than stuffed cabbage. Love this one

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scraprageous January 10, 2012

This is good. I will make it again, but I will make a few changes. I would add some hot peppers for some zing. Also would blanch the cabbage first and would throw the rice in the microwave for a bit before adding it to the casserole. I would also like some garlic in it too. It's a great way to fix cabbage and I will fix it again and I'm really glad I found this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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DesertDweller February 24, 2009

Surprisingly good-- especially for someone who doesn't like cooked cabbage. Very easy prep. I didn't have the soup and tomato sauce, so I used 1-6. oz can of tomato paste plus 3 cans of water. I still added the 3/4 water, too. I only needed half the cabbage-- maybe I got a big one? I will definitely make this again. Update: We have made this dish many, many times. It has become a favorite. Sometimes I double the meat in the topping. After cooking, it freezes and reheats well. This is a great dish for people who can't eat gluten or wheat-- the sliced cabbage reminds me of noodles. Very tasty AND filling!! One last thing-- if you have a food processor, it will make the prep go much faster! 2nd Update: Found a faster way to make this. Slice up the cabbage and layer in pan. Place the cooked beef on top. Sprinkle everything else on top. Bake as described. Still comes out good. Much faster (esp. if you bake the hamburger to cook it).

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Jackie's Mom December 06, 2008

I have only recently discovered how very yummy cabbage is. I've only ever made it in soup or sauteed so I have been looking for some other way to make it. I came across this and my mouth started watering....I HAD to make it. I soon found out that I had absolutely NO canned tomato sauce or soup anywhere in the pantry. All I had was a can of Sloppy Joe Sauce. Close enough...So I omitted the green pepper and salt as there's enough in the SJ Sauce and added lots of onion, (I love onion), and added about 1/2 cup of water to the can of SJ Sauce. I was very disappointed because there were NO LEFTOVERS! BTW there were only two of us eating! I will definately try it the original way next time, (and there will be many next times :)) I would even leave it the way I made it, less cans to open and still delish! Thanks for a keeper. UPDATE!!: I have now made this probably 7 times and I have to say that I love it with the Sloppy Joe Sauce. I have found that Manwich is the best, the cheap stuff just doesn't work for me....I only made it with the tomato sauce/soup once out of all those times!

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VaniV October 11, 2007

This is excellent. We did add three pieces of cooked bacon and used two cans of tomato soup since I didn't have any tomato sauce. Came out great. Husband said it could use a bit of spice so that may be the only thing I would change in the future.

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little mama cooking May 22, 2016
Cabbage Beef Casserole