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This was superb, and easy to make, too! The only change I made was not to cook 12 sausages (I made fewer, and I used what my grocery store calls "english bangers"; nice fat ones I had stashed in my freezer), and I always thicken my gravy with flour. It's just how I do it. My sausages were not completely defrosted, but it did not matter; after the 45 minutes in the oven, they were perfect. Everything was very tasty, and the sausages were very moist. My teenage son is not big on sausages, and usually only eats one; tonight he ate 3! I think it was because he knew they were cooked in beer! This will be the way I will cook dinner sausages from now on; thanks for the idea!

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Lennie August 12, 2002

Great recipe! I probably wouldn't use stout next time - Ale seems like it work better. I had a hard time with the gravy, because it was bland and the cornflour didn't help; so I didn't use it, but it was still wonderful. I made Champ (also on Zaar) along with this, and it was wonderful. Thanks!

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KissKiss October 17, 2003

If the recipe is followed, the result is a gorgeous fragrance in the kitchen and a comforting, satisfying meal. Don't do what I did the first time...!...use chicken sausages (doesn't complement the ale-based gravy) , flour instead of cornstarch or bisto (lumpy), and not mashing my potatoes(the gravy cries for mashed). I've learned a lot from working with this recipe, so thanks for posting!

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woodland hues September 15, 2003
BWI (Baked-While-Intoxicated) Sausages