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I have made these twice now, one batch for Thanksgiving and one today, just to make today special. The first time, I used the Gold Medal flour I had around and the rolls were met with much pleasure. Fresh baked breads and rolls are always special, so that wasn't too hard to accomplish, the smell alone is enough to make one drool. This time I used King Arthur's All Purpose Flour, which is standardized and not prone to regional fluctuations in content. Although it is higher in protein somewhat and very well suited to yeast bread making, it produced very light and fluffy Buttery Yeast Rolls, with just a slight chew to the outside to give them a little substance without overtaking the lightness at all. I don't use a bread machine, but the Kitchen Aid mixer with a dough hook attached, to mix and knead the dough. First, I heat the milk and water together until it's very warm, a bit warmer than the "baby bath" test, more of a "tired mommy bath" temp. I combine the liquid with the yeast and sugar in the bowl and allow the yeast to get it's job started and get activated. Add the egg, at room temp or warmer, the butter that is slightly melted, and the salt, but don't bother to stir. The flour is then unceremoniously dumped into the bowl and the mixer is started on low speed, to allow the flour to slowly combine into the liquids. I allow it to knead the dough until I see it is looking very elastic and stretchy. The dough is on the sticky side but improves after the first rising, which I do in a greased bowl in the warming drawer of the oven. It doesn't take long that way. After it is risen, I roll small balls out of the dough and place them in a greased 11x7 pan, spray the tops with non-stick cooking spray, cover with a towel and put back into the warming oven. Using this size pan seems to be about ideal, a little room for the rolls to spread out, but some force to make them rise upwards. This is a very easy easy, uncomplicated recipe that even a totally inexperienced bread baker shouldn't have too much trouble with and will convince the masses you are a master baker. Thank you, Donna, for sharing with us.

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Ismy Echo December 06, 2006

YUMMY! You are right - they are the best. So easy, too, using the bread machine for the first part. I followed the recipe exactly and wouldn't change a thing. This one definitely moved to the top of my rolls recipes.

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PanNan October 01, 2002

This is the best roll recipe I have ever used! I made them one year for Thanksgiving and now anytime we have an occasion where we are needing to bring a side dish I am always told I have to bring the rolls! I do not make them in a bread machine as I do not own one. So this is how I do it! Proof yeast in 1/2 cup of warm water with 1 tsp. sugar (I usually add 2tsp. I like it sweet). Heat the milk, add the sugar, butter, and salt, remove from heat, and stir till dissolved. Then add the beaten egg once the milk mixture is slightly warm. In a large mixing bowl combine the yeast, milk mixture and add the flour gradually. Knead for about 8 to 10 minutes and let rise for 1 hour in a covered bowl. Punch down and form balls. Let rolls rise again for 1 hour. Bake @ 375 for 15 minutes and brush with melted butter. Delicious!!

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cinta_bean02 November 13, 2013

very easy and good!

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Sheila36 December 26, 2002

This is a good recipe .. I put a small amount of cheese in the center of the roll and it was nice and melty when I got them out of the oven .. thanks!

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najwa July 26, 2003

OMG These rolls were AMAZING!!! This is a 10-star recipe! I almost didn't make them because it was getting so late in the day. I'm so glad I did! They require a little planning because of the time involved in the dough cycle and the rise, but they were super easy to make. The bread machine does all the work; we just do the waiting. Thank you so much for sharing! We will be making these again and again! :)

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Lucky Clover October 16, 2011

YUMMY!!! I know the instructions said not to use Bread Flour, but I ran out of all purpose flour. I probably had about 2 cups all purpose and the rest was bread flour. I just threw everything together because I was in a hurry. I probably didn't even measure everything perfectly. The rolls were still perfect. They reminded my family of some rolls that you get at a local steakhouse that we always rave about. Thank you for the recipe...can't wait to make them again!

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krism75 August 28, 2011

I used this recipe for yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner. I made 2 batches and since I did not have a bread machine, I had to alter the beginning process. The first time I used the stand mixer with the dough hook. Since I had not used the dough hook before, I wasn't sure what to expect. The dough seemed sticky, so I added flour as needed. The dough rose fine and was made into rolls. The second batch was kneaded by hand and in revising the process, I forgot to put in the butter. The dough rose fine and was shaped into rolls. But I wasn't sure how the lack of butter would effect the texture and taste. Both batches came out soft and with a good flavor. The one without the butter just tasted a little sweeter. There was a very slight difference in taste. These rolls had a nice soft texture and very good flavor. I will definitely use this recipe again.

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Dasme November 24, 2006

These are soooo yummy. They are even good without the butter brushed on top. I also make them with whole-wheat flour and they come just as fluffy and tender. Instead of shaping them into balls and baking them in a pan, I like to shape them into buns and I bake them on a cookie sheet. We use these for sandwiches. Thanks for the great recipe! ETA I also let it bake in the bread amchine as a loaf and it comes quite nice.

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Evamyth December 03, 2003

These are delicious! A little on the sweet side for my taste - I personally would reduce the sugar amount significantly - but my husband loves them just like this. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll put the dough in a sheet pan and score it into squares with a pizza slicer before the second rise. It's much faster that way, and they come out as nice square rolls. <br/><br/>Also, these are absolutely delectable with homemade strawberry jam.

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what-a-kerfuffle July 21, 2013
Buttery Yeast Rolls