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Not like this recipe NEEDS another rave review -- but oh my goodness these are amazing -- I will NEVER buy rolls again! I had to force myself to stop eating them after I had two! I made the whole recipe for just the two of us! Next time I will half it so I don't gain ten pounds :) I made as directed -- except let them rise about 2.5 hours (so they would pop out of the oven with dinner) and they were just perfect! :) Thanks so much! UPDATE JANUARY 2010: I have made these many times -- but I felt I should add that these freeze very very well. I bake fully, then freeze, then bake at 425 for about 7 minutes and they are perfect! :)

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~SarahBeth~ January 28, 2010

We liked these ones too! I made 12 larger rolls instead of the 24. The second time I made them I baked them at 350 instead of 375 - they got too dark too quickly at 375. Thank you!

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KLV November 04, 2003

By far, the best roll recipe I've ever found. I made dough on the rapid-rise cycle of my Zo bread machine...increased rapid rise yeast to 3 teaspoons. I cooked 1/2 the dough on Sunday & refrigerated the other half. Took it out of refrigerator on Tuesday morning, formed the rolls, let rise for about an hour (maybe little less, dough was very cold), & baked off. Delicious, huge hit a work!! This is the closest recipe that I've ever found that's close to the rolls served at Logan's Steakhouse & Ryan's restaurants.

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mwcmax99 July 19, 2010

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RECIPE! I don't heat the milk, and it works just fine for me. Sometimes its cold, right out of the fridge. I have even used powdered milk. My machine calls for wet ingredients first, then dry. I put margarine, eggs (fresh eggs) salt, sugar in first. Then I add the flour, put a little dent in flour and add 1 Tablespoon of yeast. 375 is too hot for my oven. 350 degrees is plenty and I cook them for about 15 minutes until they are golden brown on top. I've made these for dozens of family events, public events, potlucks, and EVERYONE has loved them. I do NOT turn them and knead or do anything to them! I take them from the machine and put them right into the pan. Take a piece of dough and shape a ball, then make an "O" with your them and pointer finger. I press the dough through that hole and press the back of ball together to make a beautiful roll. Learned this from my mother. Then, put in a greased 13 x 9 pan and spray the tops as well. You can also make the clover type rolls, by making three small balls and pressing them carefully into muffin tins. I have also made fry bread with this recipe. Roll out dough and fry. I have also made bread sticks. Just add garlic salt instead of salt. Then shape how you wish, and brush butter on top. I accidentally figured out how to make hamburger buns tonight. I didn't put enough flour so the dough was very sticky and hard to work with. I did it anyway and shaped my "rolls" the best I could. After they rose I put them in the oven and they had sort of "melted" is what I call it, to form hamburger buns.. They were AMAZING.. Needless to say, this recipe is easy to use, (my first bread machine recipe) and very versatile. Just follow your directions on your bread machine and have fun with this!! :) Thanks for posting Jean, this will ALWAYS be a family favorite!

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Stephanie Daley April 09, 2011

These are the ultimate best rolls I've ever made. I even made them larger and flatter to make buns. My kids loved sandwiches on them

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TinaSue October 28, 2003

These were yummy! I put a little less margarine in the rolls and then brushed some on top before I baked them and as soon as I took them out of the oven. Big hit!

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Beth in Tennessee November 20, 2011

Fantastic rolls. I baked them for the min time and they turned out golden brown and moist. My guest asked if they were under done and if that was why they were so delicious, I informed him it was because they were perfectly done and that is how a roll should be. Whenever I have a couple of hours for the bread machine to do it's thing I will go w/ this recipe and try to remove cans of biscuits from my life.

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Smarahcakes August 26, 2011

These are just great! I have made these a few times now, although with different results. The first time I followed the recipe and the rolls were too dark on top, a little doughy, and they didn't rise much. The second time I thought I would try whole wheat flour, and that was just a flop because they didn't rise at all, so they were small dense lumps! The third time I was able to perfect the recipe. I stuck with the bread flour but let them rise 1-2 hours and then followed the other reviews and lowered the oven temp to 350 degrees and baked for 15 minutes. Thanks for the recipe, it will be a huge hit at Thanksgiving this year!

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Kristy D. November 24, 2010

Okay, so this recipe really doesn't need another review to know it's a keeper. But, if you're like me, the more 5 stars next to a recipe, the more likely I'm going to try it. And try it I did, with the most delicious results. The dough is very easy to work with and forgiving%u2026the first time I made this recipe, one of the kneaders on my Zo had not been attached correctly, so instead of a finding a nice smooth dough at the end of the cycle, I found a gloppy mess. So, I fixed the machine and started the dough cycle all over again. The rolls still turned out great. I also use this recipe to make the BEST crescent rolls. Instead of rolling the dough into balls. pat it out to a 12 x 16 rectangle. Brush generously with butter. Fold the dough, pat it out again, brush with butter. Repeat this a couple of times. Then, pat out to the final rectangle. Cut in half lengthwise, then cut each half into four rectangle, then cut each small rectangle diagonally. Makes 16 of the best rolls on earth.

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LeeBeeN1954 November 12, 2012

I made these tonight and they were perfect. They took a few minutes longer to finish, but well worth it!

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A.S.K. November 24, 2011
Buttery Bread Machine Rolls