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This is definitely my new go to pumpkin pie! The butterscotch taste is just barely there - not enough to make in non-traditional, but just enough to make it special.

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sofie-a-toast January 24, 2014

WOW, this is a GREAT pie! It has such a creamy texture and is sooo yummy! The butterscotch really goes perfectly with the pumpkin and makes this special! LOVED IT! :)
I used this great recipe for the crust: Aunt Jennie's Pie Crust (With Oil).
I only used 1 egg and 1 flax egg in the filling and yogurt in place of cream as I was out of the latter. The tang from the yogurt was a nice contrast to the sweetness from the butterscotch chips. I also left out the sugar in the filling and found it was plenty sweet like that. Definitely a keeper that I cant wait to make again. THANKS for sharing, Syd!
Made and reviewed on recommendation of Weekend Cooker in December 2011.

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Lalaloula December 17, 2011

I made this for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it! I do not usually like pumpkin pie, but with the butterscotch it sweetened it up and made it so good!! I like that it has a top crust too, that is my favorite part. I couldn't find a lattice cutter and no time to order one so I used a small leaf cookie cutter to make a design. Also made this for DSs Thanksgiving pie sale and it was one of the firsts to go!!

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AZPARZYCH November 28, 2010

Chose this recipe because it seemed to be a somewhat basic recipe, except for the butterscotch, but I will be the first to say that the butterscotch definately gives it great flavor, and a unique recipe for me to keep, we all enjoyed it very much and is a great change of pace. Looking forward to making this again for Thanksgiving. Made for PRMR tag..

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weekend cooker October 31, 2010

An interesting change of pace from my usual pumpkin pie. This unexpected combo of flavors worked better than I thought it might. While I don't think this will become my everyday go-to pumpkin pie, I will certainly keep this in the rotation, especially for those fans of butterscotch I have in my circle of friends and family. I may lighten it up a bit by omitting the top crust; while it was good and looked pretty, I don't know if it did much to enhance the flavor. Even so, my fiance loved this! Thanks for sharing!

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Lynne the Pirate Queen January 04, 2009
Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie