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Holy cow this stuff is good. I just made it and it is amazing. Good job Shepardess!!!! Ok this is an update. I took some to work and now everyone wants to know how to make it. Pretty simple really..just follow the recipe. This is a hit with the kids in the neighborhood when they can wrest it free from the grips of their parents. I have followed this recipe exactly no changes no invention just do what it says..oh except I did make some suckers out of it for the little kids. GREAT!!!

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Doyle O. June 21, 2009

This was so great, a perfect candy to make at christmas time. This was my first real attempt at candy and the first batch was a disaster, I guess I didn't have enough patience and I didn't understand why I couldn't stir it, well I didn't let my candy thermometer get to the right temperature and stirred it and well it didn't come out right at all. The second time I had more patience and followed the directions exactly, I learned my lesson on candy making! These were delicious!

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cookin_nurse December 19, 2009

These were made for me by Diana #2 for the 2008 Cookie Swap. My friend and I first tried them while driving home from the post office. That was a bad idea. They were so good I almost crashed the car :) And now everyone who has tasted them wants me to make them. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

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Az B December 06, 2008

You done good Shepardess. I remember my Dad getting butterscotch wafers when I was a kid, and that's what I picture whenever someone mentions butterscotch. I've tried several different recipes, but when I saw heavy cream...it sounded so odd that I just had to give it a whirl. This was *EXACTLY* what I was looking for. I feel like a little girl again. (only thing missing is my Dad :() I only made half the recipe....this time, as I didn't have enough cream for the full recipe. I poured it directly onto parchment paper....no need to butter it. After only a minute or so, I scored it with a llong knife which I very lightly wiped with cooking spray. Worked like a dream. This is going to make wonderful gifts...tied up in tartan boxes of course. Thank you so very much for posting. It's kind of damp today, so I gave the candy a light dusting of icing sugar to keep it from sticking...just incase you're wondering what that white stuff is. ;)

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Diana #2 October 02, 2008
Butterscotch Candy