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A couple of months ago I made 8 of these jars for Christmas presents. Yesterday I got feedback from one of the people whom I had given one to. She said that the brownies were awesome and had disappeared quickly. When I told her I would give her the recipe, she seemed surprised. She didn't realize I had made the jar mix myself, but had assumed that I had bought it from Cracker Barrel. To me, that was a great compliment! This was a fun project, and I would like to do it again sometime!! Thank you Mom2Rose for not only the delicious recipe, but for the great gift idea!

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michelles3boys February 08, 2010

Update Dec 2010 - I have made these brownies a few times now and because the batter is very thick, I usually add 2 Tbs milk to get a creamier batter. In my oven, these take about 30 min to bake. I'll be putting the mix in my Xmas baskets again this year as previous recipients loved them. Dec 18/09 This is a budget friendly brownie mix that is great for gift giving. Thx for posting this Mom2Rose!

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mums the word December 08, 2010

I tried this recipe because it is one of the lowest costing dessert mixes I've come across, a plus when making a bunch for gifts. Extremely simple and fit perfectly in my quart sized jar. I always like to test jar gift recipes before giving them away so I made the brownies. The batter is very thick so you have to spread it over your pan. The butterscotch flavor is actually pretty subtle but the brownies were great. Very rich and sweet. Perfect chewy consistency. Made a huge batch. Great family gift!

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*Jesika* June 11, 2009

These are the most delectable brownies I've ever tried. The butterscotch flavor definitely comes out in this recipe. I used a stoneware pan, which for some reason doesn't work well with certain baked goods (it requires a bit more baking time before the middle "sets" which can make the edges brown faster than the rest of the dessert). So I'd recommend that others use a metal or glass pyrex baking dish when preparing this brownie recipe. But all in all, these brownies are sinfully good, similar to the taste of a caramelized creme brulee custard dessert---which is my favorite dessert of all time. Every brownie fanatic should try this recipe at least once, because they are very good.

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NorthwestGal October 02, 2008

Another great recipe. I couldn't stop eating these. So good!

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Cookfor5kids hubs December 01, 2012

These brownies are fantastic! I used a mixer until it was time to put flour in, which I put in last. After that I stirred with a wooden spoon, and it was a workout! I spread them with the back of a wet metal spoon and in 25 minutes we had some delicious and chewy brownies. I will be making these over and over. My husband loves them, and I am baking more so that he may possibly get some more meat on his bones, unfortunately it is putting more meat on mine too, but I have stopped thinking about that. :) Thank you for a wonderful recipe Mom2Rose!

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choppie1 February 17, 2011

I am not rating the actual brownies, but the mix fit perfectly in the jar. I just wanted to post the picture of it :)

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Chef Jean October 02, 2008
Butterscotch Brownies (Gift Mix in a Jar)